Failed to Make Your Girlfriend Cum AGAIN? Try This ‘Delay Spray’

Are you a one-minute man? Do you feel like that punani Dasani, and every single time you “quench your thirst” you manage to spill your entire load in seconds? Sad—but you’re not alone. Lots of dudes have trouble lasting for the full circa 20 minutes it takes the average lady to reach orgasm, but fortunately for you, there’s a product for that, and it’s Promescent’s Delay Spray. Yes, delay spray, to ahem, delay the spray, if you will. 

So what is Delay Spray, exactly? It’s basically a high-tech numbing solution that only takes a couple of spritzes (everyone is different, so maybe test out your ideal number before partner-play) to take effect. According to Promescent, “the premature ejaculation spray is absorbed into nerve cells just below the skin and temporarily restricts the flow of ions through nerve cells slowing down their rate of signaling.” So basically, Delay Spray is the physical manifestation of thinking about your mom so you don’t cum, and according to thousands of satisfied customers, “it works really well”. 

Skeptical? Same, but you can’t argue with five-star reviews like, “I'm probably the most skeptical person with things like this but it truly works and she will be happy too.” Ok, Sean M… we’re listening. He continues, writing, “I'm a believer with the utmost confidence that I'm putting in work like I used to, thanks for creating this game changer.” Speaking of putting in work, according to the brand, its patented spray works by absorbing quickly into the skin (it just takes 10 minutes to sink in), and reduces sensitivity to your shaft, so you can go long, strong, and be down to get some friction on. 

Away from your spray? No worries: Promescent makes delay wipes, for on-the-go pleasure-control—just in case you bag a 10 while wrangling your bags at the airport, and don’t want her to laugh at your weak pull-out game. Promescent claims that partner orgasms (yasss, queens) increase by 50% after use of its delay spray (not sure how they’re tracking that, but OK), and what else can we say? Any orgasm is better than none. 

Happy thrusting, sex gods. 

Delay Spray and Delay Wipes are available at Promescent.

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