FGM Savagery Increasing in UK

More than 1,200 cases of female genital mutilation have been recorded in England in the first three months of 2016, an indication that the Third World colonization of that country is proceeding apace.

According to figures released by Health and Social Care Information Centre, the cases exclude reports in Scotland and Wales—which means that the true figure is higher.


Above: Street scene in present-day London.

The report, published June 7, 2016, is titled “Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), January 2016 to March 2016, Experimental Statistics Report.”

It starts by explaining that the figures are “a repository for individual level data collected by healthcare providers in England, including acute hospital providers, mental health providers, and GP practices.”

Some 81 National Health Service (NHS) trusts and 12 GP practices submitted one or more FGM attendance record, the report says.

Submission is mandatory for NHS acute and mental health trusts and GP practices.

There were 1,242 “newly recorded” cases of FGM reported, with 2,223 total attendances where FGM was identified or a procedure for FGM was undertaken.

More than half of all cases relate to women and girls from London NHS Commissioning Region: 52 percent of newly recorded cases and 60 percent of total attendances.

This is because London is now completely colonized by nonwhite invaders, and whites are an absolute minority in the city.

There are four types of FGM, listed as types 1 to 4, with each type varying in the degree of the wound it inflicts. Types 1 to 3 are the most invasive and painful.

Where the FGM Type was known, the report continued, Types 1 and 2 have the highest incidence (38 and 30 percent respectively).

In combination, Types 1, 2 and 3 covered 90 percent of known FGM Types, with a relatively low incidence of the remaining categories.

Some 88 percent of women and girls reported with FGM, whose country of birth was known, were born in an Eastern, Northern, or Western African country, the report continued.

Some 8 percent of women and girls with a known country of birth were born in Asia (the majority from Western Asian countries, Iraq, and the Yemen).

Somalia in Eastern Africa accounts for more than one third of all newly recorded cases of women and girls with a known country of birth. Other countries with a large volume of cases include Eritrea in Eastern Africa, the Sudan in Northern Africa, and Nigeria in Western Africa.

* In 2013, it was reported that there were—at that stage—some 22,000 girls in the UK being subjected to FGM every year.

Source Article from http://newobserveronline.com/fgm-savagery-increasing-uk/

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