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The New World Order loves false flags.

CIA evokes the fear-then-relief response employed by interrogators in the Reid Technique, creating real problems so they can drive us to false solutions.

OPERATION GLADIO A is a well documented example, where NATO maintained a secret army in Europe, who pretended to be terrorists like the Red Brigades during the Years of Lead.

The Red Army Faction (RAF) or Baader-Meinhof Gang was supported not only by CIA, through Herbert Marcuse, but also through the East German STASI–showing the Cold War to be a sham.

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Deep state provocateurs would blow things up in counter-terrorism actions, and blame the attacks on anti-government groups, to provide an excuse for government crack-downs that deprived people of their rights.

The English engaged in similar tactics in Ireland, as a British Army regiment worked with the Glenanne Gang to murder 120 innocent people.

Attacks on both sides were used to justify continued military presence in Ireland.

Meanwhile, British military intelligence staged phony attacks and bomb threats in their own country, blaming them on the IRA, as they turned England into a police state.

Similar tactics were used in America through the Weathermen.

And the Symbionese Liberation Army, which kidnapped, raped, and brainwashed Patty Hearst.

Hearst’s case was complicated by her membership in one of the Illuminati bloodlines:  they don’t spare their own.

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Charlie Manson tried to start a race war through staged murders committed by his drugged and brainwashed “family,” but it didn’t work.

1969: Police mug shot of American cult leader and murderer Charles Manson. Information about the Tate-LaBianca murders is detailed below the photo. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

False flag attacks where CIA provocateurs pretended to be KKK, blowing up black churches to incite the federal government to send in the national guard and destroy states’ rights worked to push through “civil rights” legislation that did nothing to help black people while it expanded the power of the government.

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CIA assassinated Robert F. Kennedy, so LBJ created the Boston Violence Project, which would be used to implant people with cybernetics to make them violent on command.

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This would be used to create riots like what we are seeing with BLM, which leads the federal government to intervene in local law enforcement.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by William Volcov/Shutterstock (10665415m) Protesters during a protest in New York City in the United States this Sunday, 31. Protests across the country were motivated after the death of George Floyd on May 25, after being asphyxiated for 8 minutes and 46 seconds by white police officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Protest after the death of George Floyd, New York, USA – 31 May 2020

Black Lives Matter, like Antifa, is the tool of George Soros, who hates America.

BLM connects to another false flag attack:  Coronavirus.

Click Here To Learn about Bill Gates, False Flags, and the Coronavirus!

COVID-19 is not a naturally occurring disease but a bioweapon designed in Fort Detrick.

Plandemic – Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes the Coronavirus Task Force as a Fraud!

In response to the problem they created, the deep state offers false solutions, which involve taking away our rights and strengthening their power.

Click Here To Learn about the Coronavirus, FEMA, & Medical Martial Law!

We see the same thing in OPERATION GLADIO C.

Brainwashing soldiers at Fort Hood, the deep state stages mass shootings.

Click Here To Learn about the Three Mass Shootings at the Programming Center: Fort Hood!

The answer to the problem they create is simple:  give us your guns.

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Never mind that doesn’t make sense.


They just keep hitting you with the message via OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD.

CIA controls the media.

The attack on the World Trade Center, which NWO used to create the PATRIOT ACT, is another example.

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In the 911 attacks, BBC announced the collapse of Building 7 before it happened, and the third building fell neatly into its own footprint without a plane striking it.

That’s what led us to declare war in Afghanistan, the world’s leading producer of heroin, which had nothing to do with the attacks, even according to the government’s story.

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There we remain nineteen years later at a cost of more than one trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000.00) to the U.S. taxpayer.

Click Here To See the Federal Debt Clock!

False flag attacks are often used to start wars, as they were in the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which led to our involvement in our other losingest war, Viet Nam, which we fought in the world’s other leading producer of heroin:  The Golden Triangle.

The same trick worked when we blew up our own ship, the U.S.S. Maine, to start the Spanish-American War at the instigation of Patty Hearst’s grandfather.

And they tried something similar with OPERATION NORTHWOODS, so we would invade Cuba.

But it’s not just wars, shootings, and diseases:  man-made environmental problems are also used as false flag attacks.

Click Here To Learn More about Environmental False Flag Attacks!

Think of the plastic waste purposely dumped in our oceans to justify the expansion of globalism and to pave the way for deep-sea mining.

Click Here To Learn about the Use of Plastic Waste as a False Flag!

Or the chemtrails sprayed in our skies, while people prate that global problems require global solutions.

Click Here To Learn about Chemtrails, Neural Dust, & Mind Control!

Or how about the destruction of Ethiopia through artificially induced famine, played up in the news, so it could be destroyed further with aid?

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Or how about Hurricane Katrina, a  superstorm created by HAARP that destroyed New Orleans, so criminals could steal one billion dollars ($1,000,000,000.00) from the taxpayer for a city that lies in ruin fifteen years later?

Click Here To Learn about Weaponized Weather and Fraud in New Orleans!

That’s FEMA for you….

Or how about Haiti, where CIA started an earthquake with directed energy weapons?

Following the man-made crisis, the American military invaded the island, purporting to offer aid, the Clintons made billions through phony charities, and children were trafficked for sex and their organs.

NSA, CIA, & USAF use the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) for weaponized weather and microwave harassment.

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Other false flags come in the form of directed energy weapons, increasingly using 5g, misdiagnosed as disease to promote socialized medicine while they weaken citizens.

Click Here To Learn about Microwave Harassment & Misdiagnosis of MK-ULTRA!

Listen to Henry Kissinger on false flags.

Click Here To Learn about the Degenerate Henry Kissinger!

Or David Rockefeller.

Click Here To Learn about the Degenerate House of Rockefeller!

The dynamic is always the same:  a problem is played up in the media, and a solution is presented that involves the expansion of the government and the elimination of our rights.

They are always trying to move us to one world government.

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Look for false flags:  they are easy to spot.


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