First Black MEP in Czechia Convicted of Raping Women



Dominik Feri was hailed as an anti-racist campaigner in the media after becoming the first black member of the Czech parliament. But the political career came to an abrupt end – Feri has now been convicted of rape against two women and attempted rape against a third.

As a politician, Dominik Feri advocated open borders for the Czech Republic. However, he believed that the immigrants convicted of rape should be severely punished.

Now he himself has been convicted of raping two women, one of whom is a minor, and attempting to rape a third, reports Remix News.

Dominik Feri’s political career collapsed in 2021 when he was arrested. He had over 700,000 followers on Instagram, and in the media he described his struggle to bring more so-called Third World refugees into the Czech Republic.

The politician was also noticed in foreign media. Politico wrote a eulogy about Feri in 2019, naming him a “dreamer” and one of the “28 people who will shape Europe in the coming year”.

“Feri is not only the youngest parliamentarian in the country’s history. He is the first black parliamentarian – in a conspicuous way. He has a bushy afro and likes to play Fats Waller-style jazz piano in local clubs,” the paper wrote.

Politico also reported alleged problems Feri faced as a black Czech politician, writing: “It is not easy to be young and black in the Czech Republic, where the number of residents of African descent remains small and racial intolerance is widespread.”

Feri told Politico that he was subjected to “constant taunts and threats from some people. What’s even worse is that many don’t even take one seriously.”

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