Flashback 1966: Jews Create Even More Anti-Semitism By Demanding Post Office Not Issue A Christmas Stamp

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency) In 1966, a Jewish supremacist organization — the American Jewish Congress — attempted to use their inordinate power to stop the U.S. Postal Service from issuing a postage stamp that offended their Jewish sensibilities under the guise of so-called “separation of church and state“:

The Office of the Postmaster General has rejected a protest by the American Jewish Congress against issuance of a 1966 Christmas stamp depicting the “Madonna and Child” by Hans Memling, now hanging in The National Gallery in Washington, it was reported here today.

A spokesman for the Congress, replying to the Post Office, said that the painting was religious in nature and that its reproduction on a postage stamp violated the Constitutional requirement of separation of church and state. A copy of the correspondence was sent by the AJ Congress to the National Council of Churches which is considering whether to support the protest.

The AJ Congress assailed the “Madonna and Child” stamp in a letter by Rabbi Arthur J. Lelyveld of Cleveland president of the group, to Postmaster General Lawrence F. O’Brien, stating: “With abiding respect for the sensibilities of our Christian fellow-Americans and for the aesthetic importance of the subject, we must nevertheless urge you not to print this stamp. The celebration of religious holidays, we believe, should be left to the church, the synagogue and the individual conscience. It is not the business of the United States Post Office.”

Rabbi Lelyveld said the “stamp matter” was a “classic example” of the way in which violations of the principle of separation of church and state “creep into practice and gain acceptance.” He pointed out that from 1789 to 1962, “the Post Office treated all proposals for the issuance of stamps commemorating religious holidays as violating the requirement of religious neutrality imposed by the Constitution.”

“In 1965, however, ” he continued, “the Christmas stamp, apparently already regarded as a tradition, depicted an angel blowing a trumpet–a theme that was clearly religious, though arguably nonsectarian. Now we have the proposal for 1966 that is plainly both religious and sectarian. ” He added that the fact that the design is a reproduction of a work of art is “irrelevant.”

The full text of the Post Office’s reply, signed by Ira Kapenstein, special assistant to the Postmaster General emphasized two points: “1. No one is forced to use the Christmas stamp; it is not mandatory in any way. 2. Our 1966 stamp will portray a portion of a work of art and the stamp design will identify at the bottom both the artist, Memling, and the National Gallery of Art.

Since 1962 special stamps have been provided for the benefit of those who wish to use them on Christmas mailings. Postmasters always have other issues, both regular and commemorative, on hand for patrons who prefer them, ” the letter from the Postmaster General’s office stressed.

Issuing a postage stamp commemorating Christmas in no way, shape or form “shows preference” for Christmas — nor is it an implicit endorsement of Christianity by the Federal government — nor is it a veiled attempt by the government to compel citizens to practice Christianity — but that’s exactly what Jews have long contended.

Why don’t these Jewish partisans complain that Hans Memling’s painting of the Madonna and Child shouldn’t be hanging in the National Gallery of Art in the first place? How is that also not a violation of the “separation of church and state”?

By Jewish standards of logic, the Federal government shouldn’t even be allowed to own that painting and display it in a Federally-funded art gallery.

Where was the Jewish outrage when the U.S. Postal Service issued a stamp commemorating Hanukkah in 2019?

The Jewish supremacist group Chabad-Lubavitch has bragged about how they unleashed an army of Jewish attorneys to force the courts to allow the lighting of menorahs on public land — including the White House — for their made-up holiday “Hanukkah.”

And what is their “legal” argument? That the menorah is not implicitly a religious symbol — rather that it is merely a symbol of the Jewish people — regardless of whether or not they are religious.

Yet out of the other sides of their twisted mouths they claim that the image of a mother and child is implicitly Christian — despite the fact that this image can be traced back to the mystery cults of Babylon and Egypt — and is not unique to Christianity.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Jewry.

Jewish legal experts have candidly admitted that there is indeed — to use their own words — a “Jewish conspiracy” to use legalism to enforce the mythical “separation of church and state” in order to stop the U.S. from being a Christian nation.

The phrase “separation of church and state” is not explicitly stated in either the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights — despite the Jewish insistence that it is “implied” — written between the lines somewhere.

Jews have used this legalism — in the same way they use the mythical Gas Chambers™ — as a bludgeon to cower Christians into being ashamed of their faith — and allowing the suffering of the Jews at Auschwitz to replace the suffering of Christ on the cross as the foundational ethos of our western nations.

At one time in this country, if you said something offensive about Christ or Christians, you would become a social pariah — you could literally be driven out of town.

Today, you can offend Christians with impunity, but if you offend the Jews, you will be cancelled until you publicly grovel at their feet and beg your local rabbi for forgiveness.

Why have Jews chosen — nay, insisted — upon living in Christian nations — knowing full well that Christianity, by definition, must utterly reject Judaism and not make peace with it?

Why — even after being repeatedly expelled from those Christian nations for their un-Christian behavior — have they kept returning to the scene of the crime — kicking the hornet’s nest — expecting different results?

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