Florida: Berserk Negro Invades Home, Murders Two Whites, Tries to Steal Car

Putting yourself in a gated community actually makes you more of a target for greedy, covetous groids who want your shit.


Two men were beaten to death and a woman was seriously injured late Thursday during an attack at a home in a gated Windermere community while a 10-year-old boy called authorities while hiding in a bathroom, police said.

The double homicide happened at a home in the 2900 block of Sunbittern Court in the Lake Crescent Reserve community, which is just south of Lake Crescent and north of Park Avenue and Lake Butler Boulevard.

Windermere police said Ezekiel Emanuel Hopkins pushed the community’s gate open with his car then tried to steal a car from the home when he was confronted by the homeowners, John and Lisa Savey.

“We do know that in a video that we saw right here from the front entrance here that he came down the road on a high rate of speed turned into this entrance and pushed the gate open turned his lights off,” Chief David Ogden told News 6.

Police said Hopkins attacked Savey and beat him to death with a baseball bat outside the home. Hopkins then went inside the home, where he beat Lisa Savey and her son, James Savey, who was killed, according to police.

Lisa Savey was taken to a hospital with serious injuries, police said.

“Words can’t really describe what we wanna say to this family our hearts and our prayers certainly go out to them,” Ogden added.

Two men were brutally murdered with a baseball bat simply so this berserk nigger could steal their car.

Like I said in the last post, living in a 50 mile radius of blacks is a death sentence for whites. These criminal blacks are constantly on the prowl for new white victims to murder, rape and burglarize.

The only solution is to cage up these animals into exclusive black areas and to deny them freedom of movement within our areas.

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