For first time, more corn used for ethanol than livestock

David DeWitte
The Gazette
August 17, 2011

For the first time ever, more of the corn crop may go into gas tanks than into the stomachs of cattle and poultry destined for kitchen tables.

The prediction drew little response last week when it was released by the USDA in its Crop Production and Supply/Demand Report for the 2011 crop season. The USDA kept its prediction for ethanol production demand for corn at 5.05 billion, but lowered demand projections for livestock feed by 100 million bushels to 5 billion bushels.

That fuel now tops livestock as the primary user of corn struck at least one observer as noteworthy.

“That’s a first-time-ever type of change,” University of Missouri Extension economist Ron Plain said in a statement released by the university.

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4 Responses to “For first time, more corn used for ethanol than livestock”

  1. But u can drive around.

  2. This is the tactics that have been used through history to cause famine and drive the prices up! They are being a little more creative this time around…when F.D.R. did the same thing during his rule , he just destoyed the crops and slautered all the live stock to the tune of $700 million! Personally, I would rather the GMO corn be turned into fuel rather than eat the stuff!!! Thats my right hand talking, my left hand says, If there is nothing else to eat, I will eat the GMO corn….

  3. This will result in famine. So troubling… they are subsidizing the ethanol hoax most inefficient fuel known combined with farmers going broke and liquidating livestock to drive up the prices… fuck … it’s capitalism starving itself!!!

  4. on purpose. you can’t eat fuel

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