Former CIA agent claims the military poisoned his family at Camp Stanley – and used national security concerns to cover it up

Michael Barajas
San Antonio Current
October 13, 2011

The ugly side effects surfaced soon after Kevin Shipp transferred in 1999 from CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., to Camp Stanley, the sprawling U.S. Army weapons depot just north of San Antonio. His now ex-wife, Lorena Shipp, suddenly began to suffer near-constant migraines. Rapidly increasing bouts of confusion and short-term memory loss were so severe the family feared she was bordering on dementia. “I thought she was dying,” Kevin Shipp said in a recent interview with the Current.

Son Joel Shipp, then 17, and his two younger siblings battled nosebleeds, strange rashes, bleeding gums, and frequent vomiting, as well as emergency-room trips for breathing difficulties. A doctor later noted Joel’s immune system had been ravaged.

The Shipps claim that for two years, between the summers of 1999 and 2001, the government housed them in an Army-owned home infested with a variety of bacteria and mold — including the so-called “black” mold Stachybotrys — leading to a rash of illness that would plague the family for years to come. But what started as a simple personal injury lawsuit against the government spun out of control, according to veteran CIA officer Kevin Shipp, sparking a years-long battle with the federal government that reads like spy novel: mysterious illness, shadowy surveillance, and a government cover-up that destroyed a marriage and career.

After years of wrangling in secret, the Shipps claim the government swayed a federal judge to quash the family’s case against it, saying the need to protect government secrets trumped the family’s right to a day in court.

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6 Responses to “Former CIA agent claims the military poisoned his family at Camp Stanley – and used national security concerns to cover it up”

  1. How sad…when will it stop?

    Not before the perps are swept from halls of power in DC. Then, on the other hand, who knows where the power grid begins, its conduits lead to?

  2. With all of this…..Nobody still ever says anything about 9/11 being an inside job…..

    • Gary Null, talk host with investigative capability heard on WBAI (home of Democracy Now!), NYC, talked about 9/11 and has a four CD expose highlighted by insiders who are coming out of the closet to bust the 9/11 case wide open. OK, it may go over old theories, but Null features high-level insiders who were there, knew beforehand and warned the White House of the coming attack.

      Of course, these people did not know all the deep background on 9/11, but subsequent facts convinced some whistleblowers to come forward. They are at risk, as are all who cross swords with officialdom. One woman names all the top brass who planned and executed the atrocity of Sept. 11, 2011 unequivically.

      I suppose there is nothing new under the sun; just didn’t think the country would fall in my lifetime.

      • Oops; Sept. 22, 2001, of course. (Was listening to Dr. Pieczenik and typing; it is difficult to listen to Steve and concentrate.)

        • I can’t believe I keep doing it. lol Sept. 11, 2001. Got it!


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