Former employee steals excavator, rams gate & destroys 50 vans at Mercedes-Benz factory in Spain

Revenge is a dish best served cold. A former worker went on a wrecking spree in a stolen JCB at a Mercedes-Benz factory in Spain, causing millions of euro in damage, four years after leaving the company.

On Thursday night, an excavator rammed the gates of a car factory in Vitoria – the main city of the Basque Country in northern Spain – and started smashing brand-new Mercedes vans in the parking lot with its massive shovel.

The wrecking spree went on for several minutes and only came to a stop after a security guard fired a warning shot in the air. It left around 50 vehicles damaged beyond repair, with photos on social media showing vans crumpled and placed of top of each other.

The police arrived on site and arrested the perpetrator, whom the local media described as a “distinguished former Mercedes-Benz worker.” The 38-year-old man was reportedly employed at the factory between 2016 and 2017.

He now faces charges of criminal damage, while the incident is being investigated as a “work-related revenge attack.” The German company and its former employee apparently didn’t part on good terms, since he was clearly still holding a grudge four years later.

The attack seems to have been carried out in cold blood as the man stole the JCB at a construction site in the town of Legutiano, located 21km away from Vitoria. The long drive – which, according to police, also caused damage to public roads – would have provided the man with more than enough time to think his actions over. 

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Mercedes-Benz said that the cost of the rampage is in the “millions.” But sources cited by local media provided more precise numbers, estimating the damage at between €2 million and €5 million.

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