France: Groids & Leftists March in Favour of Undocumented Invaders

After a French school teacher gets beheaded by a raghead, thousands of French have decided that they need more moslem terrorists in their country.

Seeing a decapitated head of a white Frenchman has apparently provoked the opposite reaction of what you’d expect.

These self-hating scum are pathologically suicidal and deserve to die horrible deaths at the hands of sand niggers.

These elites are rubbing their hands together with glee. The brainwashing of the masses has been a stellar success for them. They have their subjects pleading for more ass rape by third world apes.

Truly, at least half of our race will perish in the multi-racial hellfire and they deserve it.

If this is not enough to sway the French en masse against immigrants and terrorist sand niggers, then they all deserve this fate.
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