France ships Police Armed to the Teeth to Black Island of Guadeloupe to Stop Vaccine Riots



France has imposed a curfew on its overseas territory of Guadeloupe and is sending extra police to the island, citing days of “violence,” unrest and vandalism in response to harsh pandemic restrictions.

“Given the ongoing social unrest and acts of vandalism, the prefect of Guadeloupe has decided to establish a curfew starting today from 6pm to 5am,” Alexandre Rochatte, who represents the archipelago as prefect, said on Friday.

Earlier on Friday, the French Interior Ministry noted that 200 French police officers and gendarmes would be shipped into Guadeloupe in the coming days to crack down on the “violence” and “restore republican order.”

The move comes after nearly a week of heated protests over local Covid-19 policies – which include mandatory vaccinations for healthcare staff and other ‘essential’ workers, among other things. Demonstrators have torched cars and erected burning barricades in the streets, while doctors, firefighters and other professionals have walked off their jobs in protest, according to Reuters.

In footage circulating online earlier this week, men purported to be protesting firefighters were seen soaking police with a water hose hooked up to a nearby fire hydrant. Officers quickly shut off the spigot.

As in mainland France, residents are also required to present proof of vaccination, a negative PCR test or show they recently recovered from the virus in order to enter a number of public establishments, including restaurants and museums.

Those policies have proven unpopular for many locals, with trade unions launching indefinite strikes in protest over the past week, joined by other residents in street demonstrations.

Just look at these bastards, they arrived in military vehicles:

Isn’t this “white supremacism”? A group of white French bastards storming a black Afro island to dictate to the black people how to live like and what to do and what not to do and they came with weapons, armed to the teeth. Why isn’t BLM jumping to defend these Guadeloupe protesters against “French supremacy”??

You see? Liberals are the real supremacists. If a nationalist was in power, he wouldn’t have sent his armies to dictate to these people to submit to the vaccine. And they call nationalists supremacists? Nah, its the liberals who are the real supremacists.

Perhaps Guadeloupe should do what Haiti did


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