Ft. Hood Shooting, America’s Breivik

The Ft. Hood Terrorist’s Dirty Little Secret, Major Hasan, “Terrorist Patsy”


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor




On November 5, 2009, a Major Hasan, believed by the Army since 2005 to have had terrorist connections, murdered at least 13 and wounded 29 on Ft. Hood, an Army base in Texas.  Hasan used an Fn 5.7 mm pistol, a specialized weapon chosen by Navy SEALS for it’s high magazine capacity and ability to penetrate body armour.  Hasan has never been accused of terrorism, no ties were ever made between Hasan and any group, in fact everyone wants him to be considered as much a “lone gunman” as Andrew Berwick, the mass murderer of recent Norway fame.

4 days after the shootings, Veterans Today published the article below, citing Hasan’s high security clearances, in now way related to his job as an Army psychiatrist and found him on the list of prestigious attendees as part of the Bush administration’s “transition team.”

Hasan was politically “hard wired” to the center of Washington politics, tied directly to top Homeland Security contractors and is said to have been a specialist in what we now kindly call “psychological conditioning.”

He also seems to have been a victim of same.

The Berwick/Breivik shootings in Norway and the Ft. Hood “massacre” two years later had other parallels.  In Norway, when no helicopters were available to bring counter-terrorism forces, ones


Berwick was actually continually talking to while killing, there seemed to be helicopters overhead, seen by one and all, including some photographing Berwick himself while talking to the same forces who had no helicopters.

Berwick and Hasan had much more in common that their clear signs of psychological programming.  Though they didn’t share common political beliefs, not according to the cover stories, in fact their political associations were almost identical.  Both Hasan and Berwick were spotted and labeled as terrorist suspects.  Berwick was allowed to buy an assault rifle and many high capacity magazines, openly train with the same and buy tons of fertilizer to make bombs though he had no farm, despite cover stories misrepresenting him as an “organic farmer.”

In fact, nobody knows what Berwick did for a living, where the money came from or anything about his background, not really.  Hasan, supposedly a radical Muslim, had the highest security clearances, attended Washington conferences with top Bush security advisors and has little record of actually having practiced psychiatry at all. 

In fact, Hasan joined the Army as a private, 18 years old,  and was financed through medical school by the military itself.  No wonder he isn’t being called a terrorist.

There is also the issue of police response times.  For those of us familiar with military bases, we know resonse times to gunfire incidents and other violence to be less than 2 minutes except on that fateful day in 2009.  The cover story is that Ft. Hood had “outsourced” security to local police.

The base I shop at, a decommissioned Air National Guard base with a commissary, even on the quietest days is armed to the teeth.  It isn’t unusual for me to be in line, grocery cart in front of me, while behind an armed MP buying snacks.  While loading my car, another pair will drive past.  Often as not, a third pair will be seen as I pull out onto the road for the main gate.

These aren’t amateurs, these are trained combat vets, low slung holsters, high capacity magazines and the look of real capability. 

My memory goes back to my younger days, 1963 and accused Kennedy assassin, Lee Oswald, a former Marine as I am, claiming to be a “patsy.”  When is not believing your government, no matter how serious the crime, “unpatriotic” or “paranoid” and when is it simple intelligence?

Since 9/11, our government has shown clear signs of an agenda of deception, covering not things done for “our good,” but something very different almost as though they were our real enemy.  In a recent video, carefully crafted to allow the viewer to make their own decisions, if still sane enough for such things, on major issue, a major lie tied to 9/11, one meant to tear the whole story apart is revealed.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

With the recent killing of Osama bin Laden, rumored to have been dead for a decade, his body mysteriously dumped in the ocean, the Navy SEALS involved or a “related unit” killed an an equally impossible helicopter crash, another helicopter crash in Pakistan, conflicting stories there, dead Navy SEALS seen, witnesses threatened.

Billions in drugs leave Afghanistan every week, 35 million illegal aliens inside the US, not 2 or 3 million, 35 million, not “attending schools” or stuck in hospital waiting rooms but working as slave laborers, nannys, pool cleaners, prostitutes, yet we are uninformed, misinformed, lied to every step of the way.

47,000 American troops idle in Iraq while our Mexican border problem is tearing America to shreds.

Are terrorists and assassins the minor tools of a government we never really see and our news, as most suspect, little more than minor theatrical plays written by the same people who hired Oswald or trained and protected Hasan and Berwick?

Judge for yourself.




By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

“Lucy, you got some splainin’ to do.”

The task force at George Washington University designated with establishing transitional procedures in the Global War on Terror included Major Hasan, mass murder and terrorist, and, as we now learn, long time terrorist suspect. Where do we start? Do we wonder why our troops have a psychiatrist who is not only a potential terrorist but known to be extremely mentally unbalanced? Who, in the Bush Administration chose Hasan and helped him pass America’s highest security clearances?

Do any of us wonder why President Bush would have a terrorist helping with his transitional policy? This put Hasan, under investigation for ties to Al Qaeda, at the heart of our government’s counter-terrorist planning organization with full daily access to nearly all major leaders in Homeland Security, Defense, the FBI, CIA, NSA and other key agencies. He was one of them, along with representatives of conservative “think tanks” that advised the Bush Administration on a daily basis. Was he there because he reminded them of an Islamic version of Dick Cheney? Please, someone, let’s hear an explanation for this.

Below is a cutout from the membership roster of those advising the Bush Administration. You will note Hasan’s name among some of the best known security experts in America. We were told he was an Army psychiatrist with severe psychological problems who belonged to a mosque run by terrorists.


(document source)

Hasan served with these individuals. Why was he here?


The question we ask, is why was a simple low ranking military officer with a disastrous career, horrible security baggage and a Palestinian background placed at the center of the decision making apparatus of the Bush presidency?

The entire text of the proceedings report and full membership are listed below. Hasan’s name stands out like a rapper at a Klan rally. It doesn’t take a genius to believe that Hasan had friends in high places, and that, despite every imaginable reason to see he shouldn’t even practice medicine, much less be in the American military or treat troops suffering from combat stress, he was placed among the most influential and powerful Americans.

One could suggest that, since Hasan was in town and had nothing to do for the few months other than to work with thousands of patients returning from Iraq and, in the process, mingle with terrorist sympathizers and prove himself to be dangerously unstable and utterly useless as a physician and psychiatrist, he might as well be included in intelligence planning at the highest levels.

I can see where this could make sense to some, really, I do. After all, if you were choosing the absolute last person on Earth to include in such a group, the last person to expose to that much intelligence planning and the most dangerous individual imaginable to the safety of so many of our leaders, Hasan is a perfect choice.

Why did he choose to kill soldiers at Ft. Hood when so many of the top members of the Bush Administration would have been available to him at any time? If none of this makes any sense to you, I think you are beginning to understand.

Who was Major Hasan? Who was he really?


Hasan joined the Army at 18, entered and completed, not only college, but medical school and a residency in psychiatry at Walter Reed Hospital. This is an amazing accomplishment.

His attendance at the above mentioned meetings based on a careful analysis of subject matter and the expertise level of everyone involved made the likelihood of a junior officer specializing in combat stress being invited unlikely. Hasan would have to have been an intelligence asset of some kind.

Were this the case, as it most likely is, and taking into account that at least some of the accusations made against him are other than part of a coverup, Hasan was unstable. Stating this about a psychiatrist is not much of a stretch.

His first targets were coworkers. Were Hasan cross trained in intelligence and tasked with communicating with insurgents prior to deployment, the stress could have been enormous. Hasan seems to have responded to having to pretend to be a terrorist by actually becoming one.

The more we read about his attendance at a ‘terrorist Mosque” and connections with Al Qaeda, the more likely our assumptions are the correct ones. It is far more likely that a double agent would become suicidally unbalanced than for a terrorist to, not only be promoted to Major in the US Army, but to be put on a high security intelligence transition team.

There may have been a time when the US Army believed Major Hasan would be of enormous value to them in ways quite unrelated to practicing medicine. The Major Hasan we now know is a terrorist. He may not always have been so.

This evening, the Associated Press states:

“Investigators from the Fort Hood shootings say that Nidal Malik Hasan acted alone and that no evidence supports the theory that Hasan had outside help or orders about the massacre. Though in late 2008 Hasan did communicate with radical imam Anwar al-Awlaki, an American-born Yemeni who now lives overseas and has ties to terrorist groups, the messages “did not advocate violence or threaten violence.” Sources say that the communications were consistent with Hasan’s research as an Army psychologist on post-traumatic stress disorder. The FBI has launched an investigation into how it handled, or perhaps mishandled, the information it had on Hasan.”

In a very few hours, the truth has danced like a marionette, across one side of the stage to another. What can we expect? We will get an endless supply of interim stories until a commission is appointed to interview witnesses and come to a convenient conclusion that will best serve political necessity. The same among us will be sickened by the process.

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