Full Moon In Scorpio: Proceeding With Determination

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We are having a Full Moon in Scorpio on April 29th/30th depending on where you are located, however, the Moon will appear fullest on the night of the 29th around the world. This marks the peak of the Moon cycle that began on March 31st.

We have been in Taurus season since April 19th/20th and it will last until May 20th/21st. This sign is about practicality, manifestation, thoroughness, food, and nature. It enjoys sensual pleasures and is a grounded energy. As a ‘Fixed Earth’ sign, Taurus is the most invested in the physical/material world in comparison to the rest of the signs. It can also be slow, stubborn, and lazy.

This Full Moon is in its opposite sign of Scorpio, triggering a push-pull or integration effect between both of these signs. Scorpio is deep, complex, transformational, passionate, calculated, sexual, and intense. It is associated with fears, death, secrets, desires, and power. Scorpio can also be controlling and manipulative.

Both signs are associated with money, values, and worth; with Taurus’ expression of these things being more ‘self-oriented’ and Scorpio being more ‘relationship/shared oriented.’ Scorpio is associated with taxes, debt, credit, investments, inheritance, which all include more then one party to be involved.

Taurus and Scorpio are each possessive in their own way. Taurus can be possessive with mostly physical things and food, but can also be possessive with loved ones. On the other hand, Scorpio can be more extremely possessive with those they love. Taurus likes to hold on to and accumulate things, while Scorpio is more about purging and release. Taurus is also associated with food while Scorpio is about releasing the waste from what we eat.

In the days before and after this Full Moon, and more subtly in the week or two following, we can expect to experience the polarity of these two signs playing out in our lives in some capacity. The key here is consideration and potentially integration of both sides.

Full Moon Sextile Saturn, Trine Neptune, and Conjunct Jupiter

Scorpio Full Moon’s can sometimes be more intense, however, this particular one has some nice aspects which helps to harmonize it. Firstly, it is in a tight sextile with Saturn in Capricorn which has recently went retrograde. Much of what comes up at this time can be beneficial for commitments, long term goals, responsibilities, and it can bring a stabilizing energy and realistic consideration.

The Full Moon is in a wider trine aspect with Neptune in Pisces which can be beneficial for our inspiration, spirituality, healing, creativity, charitable acts, and can help us to be more intuitively tuned in. Some of this energy will resurface around May 5th/6th. This combined with Saturn can help to make dreams a reality. The Moon is also moving towards a conjunction with Jupiter in the same sign. This is good for any kind of growth, expansion, and exploration.

Mercury Ending Its Post-Shadow Period, Uranus About To Change Signs

Mercury’s recent retrograde ended at the last New Moon on April 15th/16th, however, it has still been in its post-shadow retrograde period since then and until May 3rd. This is when it travels forward again in the same area where the retrograde occurred.

During these weeks, some of the issues and themes that first came up during (or just prior) to the retrograde (which was March 22nd – April 16th) become more increasingly clear as time progresses. We are able to proceed forward and make better decisions as the Universe helps to show us what our next steps are as a result of the signs, synchronicities, circumstances, and our feelings.

Uranus is at the very end of Aries over the next few weeks as it prepares to enter Taurus at the next New Moon on May 15th. During this period, before and after it changes signs, many people will experience significant changes. It could be about finishing something that has been in place for years, and can also be about doing something completely new.

Uranus can also bring unexpected events, disruptions, and even separations of some sort. It can also manifest as some sort of liberation, rebellion, and pursuing some sort of new experience. I will be writing more about this in my next article and might also create other content about it. You can join my mailing list here to be notified when published.

Things To Consider During This Period

How can you tackle your responsibilities and commitments in a way that is harmonious with your flow? How do you need to apply effort to help you fulfill your dreams or desires for growth, expansion, and exploration? What can you do or change to assist your personal financial situation and/or in regard to financial obligations with others? What do you need to purge or transform?

What are your long term considerations of how you want to build your life? What have you gained more clarity on recently and over the last few weeks? What have you been feeling in relation to how to proceed forward? What do you need to finish or release in order to open yourself up to new experiences?

These are just some examples but other variations of this energy may come up. During the Full Moon in Scorpio and in the two weeks following, it is a good time to do any sort of cleansing of the colon. This can be done through colon hydrotherapy, enemas, and/or with the use of herbs and supplements.

If you wish to do any sort of intentional release from something in your life, it is best to do so anytime after the Moon starts to wane following the exact moment of the Full Moon. The waning Moon lasts for two weeks following this period until the next New Moon. The exact moment of this Full Moon is at 12:58am Universal Time on the night of the 29th and morning of the 30th. You can click here to see what that is in your time zone.

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