Gerald Celente Predicts “Winter of Discontent”

Kurt Nimmo
September 9, 2011

Appearing on Infowars Nightly News, trend forecaster Gerald Celente told Alex Jones the economy will likely begin its climatic unraveling in October and this will deliver a “winter of discontent” in America.

In response to increasing violence associated with the Greatest Depression the establishment media refuses to admit – calling it instead the “Greatest Recession” and a “double-dip recession” – Celente warned the government will crack down and further implement its draconian police state in much the same way the British government is now expanding its police state supposedly in response to hooligan riots.

Big heads, Celente said, will not roll as the depression deepens. Instead, the police state will focus its brutal power on the citizens.

Celente warned that the global elite will likely stage a “fear and hysteria” false flag terror event to turn attention away from the real criminals, the international bankers.

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26 Responses to “Gerald Celente Predicts “Winter of Discontent””

  1. We can barely pay out bills but I don`t eat out but try to make a nice table outside with little white lights in the trees(don`t laugh,a little bit of twinkling lights goes along way)stockpile food and water,medical supplies ect but I do put a little away to buy 1 gram pamp siusse.The problem now though is that if you look at goldprice dotcom the price fluctuates to say,the other day,it was at 55.00 per gram but they are still selling the pieces for $89.00.

  2. There is also an historical context to be considered when talking about racism in Libya. As Stephen Brown pointed out in FPM last April, since the 7th century, 14 million blacks have been sold into slavery in Arab countries. This has resulted in a kind of racism not seen in America for decades, where blacks are considered sub-human and not fit for any task except those that an Arab considers beneath him. One African columnist writes, “In Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, Mauritania and the rest of the Arab world, Africans are treated like scum.” In marketplaces, Arabs throw stones at blacks, while preventing them from achieving any positions of authority in Arab countries. “There are hardly any Africans in high government positions in Arab governed countries…It is simply a way of life that’s all. Blacks do not really exist or at best are not human.”
    With history — both recent and ancient — working against the black African workers that Gaddafi exploited and discriminated against, the mass arrests have angered the African Union to the point that they are refusing to recognize the NTC until they are assured that their citizens are protected by the new government. “NTC seems to confuse black people with mercenaries,” AU chairman Jean Ping said.”All blacks are mercenaries. If you do that, it means [that the] one-third of the population of Libya, which is black, is also mercenaries. They are killing people, normal workers, mistreating them,” he said.

  3. reverse–in here–to make sense.

  4. “HoarFrost”…anybody?…anyone?
    I said that in here 2009 and I stole it from George Harrison in Beatles Anthology.
    A “clever” twist, but hardly original.

  5. Slow decline but quick end is better. It will be interesting to see how THEY choose to have things collapse and when. At least he puts the blame where it should be. These so called dependency programs that were bashed by the new GOP candidates are keeping people alive. It is piecemeal from real violence that isn’t happening now. I live off two dollars a day that is the ‘trickle down’ as the larger money goes to others…off of my poverty. Ron Paul blames ‘entitlement programs’, as a wedge issue, but who are the people who are creating the dependency? The dependent don’t want dependency. Everyone wants independence except the elite. Competition has been this countries biggest lie told. No one wants competition, that is why knowledge of all kinds is kept hidden unless you’re ‘accepted’, people are nefariously undercut with ‘Zerzetsung’ programs, people have been historically held down and enslaved like today, monopolies squeeze the others and create policies to keep new entries into the business and strengthen themselves etc…Ron Paul would say to education…hey teach your own kids to read and if you haven’t the time, ability, well, too bad that is part of the ‘life cycle’…not my problem. In his view, only property laws matter. No other laws matter…’cycle of life’ (I had someone say that to me regarding my situation). Think about that and how complicated life is. It is like people today can’t think or are concerned about what is proper outside themselves…look go to the library and read some philosophy. The people at the bottom are under complete control. The only heads that will be off are their own if they try to take long strides.

  6. This guy’s predictions are bullshit.

    Every year he makes the same predictions. I could do the same thing myself and eventually score a few points. This is how the game is played. If his prediction doesn’t come true then he’ll adjust it to the “Spring of Discontent”, then the “Summer of Madness” or whatever title that makes the people quiver and cry.

    I imagine he has something to sell, right? Some type of quarterly financial journal or what have you? Don’t get me wrong, he believes in what he’s saying but he’s just guessing, playing the game. And why not make a few bucks at the same time, right?

    Listen everybody, financial collapse is guaranteed, it’s definitely coming. But why waste your time trying to set a date on it? This shit is getting tired.

    • you have the power to change what you listen to. where is his stuff bullshit?

      • What didn’t you comprehend?

        The guy says the same shit every few months. I didn’t listen to him because I’ve heard it all before from him. Eventually it will happen but not because of his rhetoric.

    • d.ray-most of your comments are bullshit,get lost if the shit is getting tired moron!!!!

      • Good name, you are a jackass. My comments aren’t bullshit, they’re just contrary to your own beliefs, or rather the beliefs you’ve adopted as your own. Try thinking for yourself. I’ve been coming here for many years, when did you show up? Why don’t you get lost.

  7. If history has taught us anything, then our only remaining hope are the sheep in wolves’ clothing.

  8. Fed Chairman Bernanke ‘testified’ awhile back that a certain amount of ‘bailout’ money went to New Zealand. Anybody else recall that?

    New Zealand’s NZD has a very close correlation with the price of gold. Australia’s AUD does as well.

    Oil, curencies gold are used as the main instruments to cover their a$$es in this rigged casino.

    • The video of Ben Shalom Bernanke ‘testifying’ about sending half a trillion to New Zealand.

      Notice also that the politican doing the looking at the Fed’s “balance sheets” and entries listed under “assets / Central Bank Liquidity Swaps”. Intersting huh?

      Also, Bernanke says ” I Don’t Know “…when asked about which ‘financial institutions’ in Europe and other countries received the US Dollars.

  9. I just don’t like the color of gold. There ARE other metals you know.

    • If things get really tough, gold will be worthless also.
      If this happens, what can you do with gold? You can’t eat it. Who will take it in exchange for essentials like food, water, fuel, etc. I wouldn’t.

      • Gold is for those who have a substantial amount of assets to protect. For the average man like you or I it plays a very small role in our lives. The same is true of silver. If and when people begin to go hungry gold or silver will make little difference to us.

        • Back in the bayou swamps of Cajun country theres no need for Celente and his lust for gold. Theres alot of places still in this World where people dont need attachments to the gold mines, the pricings, the stocks, the derivatives, the futures, the indexes, the speculations, etc.

          Nobody can say that there will not be a new kind of global taxation on gold. And gold; it comes in paper form and digital form as well. In a worldwide financial meltdown, nonody can say that the PTB will not make one jump thru the hoops to get access to their ‘gold-wealth’.

          * Yeah..I uh,,,I uh come to get my gold.

          $ Can I see some ID please ?

          *Sure, Here ya go.

          $ Sir..yer gonna need some prooer identification before we proceed. This ID is outdated and longer recognized. Come with me …and I have some papers I need yoo to complete. You should be done in under an hour. Have a seat please. When your finished, push this yellow botton. Then we willl proceed to the the eye scan, the finger-printing module and this will be followed up by DNA banking procedures.

          * All this to get my gold ?

          $ Well sir. This is the first in a series you will have to do before we can begin the procedures on evaluating your debts, credits and net worth. Follow me please.

    • The only purpose gold plays in my life is for distraction. I wear a ring which makes me look as if I’m attached. It keeps me from wasting time on those who wish to inquire.
      Since people are into games nowadays, thought I’d play along. Up to a point. Also, it may come in handy along with a slingshot, someday.

  10. French philosopher, Étienne de La Boétie wrote about the voluntary capitulation of people to tyranny. This is from Wikipedia:

    “La Boétie’s writings include a few sonnets, translations from the classics, and an essay attacking absolute monarchy and tyranny in general, Discours de la servitude volontaire ou le Contr’un (Discourse on Voluntary Servitude, or the Anti-Dictator).

    The essay asserts that tyrants have power because the people give it to them. Liberty has been abandoned once by society, which afterward stayed corrupted and prefers the slavery of the courtesan to the freedom of one who refuses to dominate as he refuses to obey. Thus, La Boétie linked together obedience and domination, a relationship which would be later theorised by latter anarchist thinkers. By advocating a solution of simply refusing to support the tyrant, he became one of the earliest advocates of civil disobedience and nonviolent resistance. Lew Rockwell summarizes La Boétie’s political philosophy as follows:

    To him, the great mystery of politics was obedience to rulers. Why in the world do people agree to be looted and otherwise oppressed by government overlords? It is not just fear, Boetie explains in “The Discourse on Voluntary Servitude,” for our consent is required. And that consent can be non-violently withdrawn.[2]

    It was once thought, following Montaigne’s claims, that La Boétie wrote the essay in 1549 at the age of eighteen but recent authorities argue that it is “likely that the Discourse was written in 1552 or 1553, at the age of twenty-two, while La Boétie was at the university.”[4] Some Montaigne scholars have argued that the essay was in fact the work of Montaigne himself. The essay was circulated privately and not published until 1576 after La Boétie’s death. He died at Germignan near Bordeaux in 1563. His last days are described in a long letter from Montaigne to his own father”

  11. Gold is the anti-dollar

  12. So he isn’t saying anything new.

    Everything he’s “predicting” now has been happening for the last 4 years.

    • Pretty much. The guy is an opportunist. He’s just trying to make a buck off of his financial rag.

  13. didn’t he predict a Summer of Insanity????…which never came to fruition

  14. Climactic not climatic.




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