Germany: Attempt to Outlaw Polygamy among Refugee-Invaders

The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder has announced an attempt to get that country’s national parliament to outlaw polygamy in Germany among the fake “refugee” population—even that it is already illegal for German citizens.

According to a report in the Stuttgarter Nachrichten newspaper, Söder said that a special law was need to deal with the practice of polygamy among the “refugees” even though it was already illegal for Germans.

“It is absurd that we are finding that immigration results in polygamy,” Söder said. “This is about the fundamental values of our social order. Every single case is one too many.”

The nonwhites are circumventing German law by marrying multiple outside of the country. Current German law recognizes all marriages outside the country as “legal” and thus the anomaly has arisen that the state recognizes multiple spouses even though it would be illegal for a German national to marry more than once at the same.

This practice is common across European states which have been subjected to mass Third World Muslim invasions. In Britain, for example, Muslims with more than one wife still qualify for extra “welfare” benefits even though polygamy is also officially illegal in that country.

A 2015 report in The Telegraph revealed that Muslim men in that country are having up to 20 children each because of polygamy.

Söder—who also believes that the nonwhites can be “integrated” into German society and somehow become “German” said that he wanted a new law to “to make it possible for international marriages concluded abroad” to be made void for people living permanently in Germany.

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