GET INVOLVED PEOPLE! FCC Hides Net Neutrality Complaints After Calling For Public Comment!

The Verge writes:

Since taking over the FCC earlier this year, commission chairman Ajit Pai has released the text of most proposals a month before they’re voted on. This is done in the name of transparency, so the public knows what the commission is up to. But it’s also done so that the commission can begin receiving comments and factor them in to the revised version of each proposal that it ends up voting on regarding net neutrality.

This is the same process that happened with the commission’s proposal to kill the 2015 net neutrality rulesAn initial draft was published last month, and yesterday we got to see the revised draft that ended up being voted on. In between, there were plenty of comments made for the FCC to look at: 2.6 million as of today. (Though tens of thousands appear to be fake.)

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The Federal Communications Commission has received more than 47,000 complaint comments  concerning the planned elimination of net neutrality rules.

Despite a Freedom of Information Act request, they have refused to release the requests.

Net neutrality campaign director Katy Anderson of Open Media joins RT America’s Anya Parampil to discuss the harm that the FCC’s proposals could cause.

Please listen to this information share it and find a way to get involved. Once this is said and done and net neutrality is removed, we will never get internet freedom back IF we do not stop this corruption now,

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