Gibson Guitars: Global Bureaucracy Attacks American Workers

September 2, 2011

Last week Federal agents raided two Gibson guitar factories in Tennessee because materials that were used by the guitar maker were allegedly breaking international laws. The law that Gibson allegedly broke was that they used wood that wasn’t finished by workers in India, and the process was being completed in plant in Tennessee, therefore making it illegal. Alex Jones, radio host of the Alex Jones Show, tells us if Federal agents raids are on the rise.

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60 Responses to “Gibson Guitars: Global Bureaucracy Attacks American Workers”

  1. Caveat emptor…

  2. This site is so full off intellectual wanking that is makes me want to spit.
    AJ says that he is non partisan, but to me he is a hardcore right-winger
    and by the way, fuck Obama, you make me sick.

    • You idoits who come on here to try to make US look bad with your obscene names and comments will be reported and your I.P address will be blocked.

    • As a flunky of the global mercantilist/war-lovers, Obama is the hardcore rightwinger. The rightwing is the corporatist, empire, royal class that wants a big-government police state to protect its cronyistic systems. Defenders of individual liberty and free markets, like Jones, fall more on the left side of the spectrum.

      It is sad to think you’ve spent your whole life issuing political attacks using phrases with meanings you do not understand. It’s kind of like an ignorant child who uses profanity without understanding what the words mean

  3. We’ve gotta take this country back! We need a Party called the New World Order Party or the 1776 Party or the Poor Peoples party! We the People… who’s with me! Comon (Half Baked-Brian’s impression of Jerry Maguire) who’s with me! Thank you Jan!!!!!!!

    My name is T C and have a White mom and a Mexican dad and was born in Colorado. I have seen alot of racism and profiling especially from the police since I look more Mexican than White. Other states show more hatred towards me because of my appearance like Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Texas and regardless of race. Now a days, I believe White Americans are starting to see that it started with the Latino’s and Black’s now its happening to All American’s so lets take this country back. Who’s with me? Jan? We The People have a right to abolish the Government and start a new one…

  4. Come on, admit it.
    You wish you thought of that name.
    I want a “Johnny A” model, myself.
    But I can’t afford one.
    So if anyone wants to contribute to my Johnny A (money) Bomb, please consider giving in large donations.

    • you should see my Wii account’s name! Chemtrails and kondom Brake! LOL! Kids get in trouble for saying it on the mic and have to call me just BRAKE! LOL! Now they know me!

      Read the book titled “It’s A Conspiracy!” 1992 by Michael Litchfield.

  5. I guess we AMERICAN’s forgot about what THEY did to Tommy Chong! AKA Tommy Chong!!!

  6. The NWO will not rest until every American manufacturing job is destroyed. America is being attacked from all directions because it is an obstacle to world government, and that is the WHY. These trillion dollar dynasty families that call themselves the “Illuminati” hate the US Constitution and that is what they have really targeted. The financial war being waged on us is a means to an end (world government), not the goal. They have all the money already (they own the printing press that makes the Benjamins). Absolute power over human beings is what this is really all about, but they’ll overwhelm us on all fronts with so much sociopolitical, economic, and war strife, we start losing the ability to focus on the WHY of it all, and while people are distracted, the illuminists will sneak out the back door with the U.S. Constitution and we will have no freedoms and no country. Americas’ Constitution is the prize. And when everyone is broke and out of work, starving and desperate, they will offer up one world government as the solution. But they can’t have a one world government with a country that honors a document that declares itself as a sovereign nation and gives its people rights.

  7. Well, I,m a carpenter folks, so I guess the next time I don’t feel like working I’ll just tell my boss to check federal law to confirm that it is ok for me to cut and shape the wood. That should take a good week.

  8. Here’s a youtube video that identifies several globalists and the role they’re playing in the NWO agenda……./watch?v=vLF_i8CbwHQ

  9. Gibson makes the cheap chinese knockoffs look like cheap chinese knockoffs, making Gibson guitars inc. terrorists.

  10. Facing 75 years, for filming police? OUTRAGEOUS. A pedophile thief would only get threatened with 2 years, no time.

    If I was murdering someone- I would not want to be filmed.

    If I was raping someone- I would not want to be filmed.

    If I was stealing something- I would not want to be filmed.

    IF I WAS A COP IN AMERIKA- I would not want to be filmed.

    Notice any patterns here?


  11. Bureaucracy my ass! Martin Guitars, whose CEO is a big Obama supporter and frequent guest at the WH ratted on Gibson for a NON-illegality and Martin’s buddies sent the hounds after Gibson. Everyone, support Gibson in their fight against this travesty of justice!!!!!!!

  12. The global gestapo at work. Hope they don’t start a line of “green, sustainable” guitars.


    As of today ever single news site that uses DISQUS will not load. Failed login errors and closed email accounts have been an ongoing issue for me.

    The FEDS are breaking the law night and day to block you from learning about the coup and what’s really going on in America.

    Osama Obama Biden Bin Laden

    Obama is not the president, he’s the acting president.

    He disappeared for 2 weeks after his election win only to reappear looking exhausted sitting next to John McCain, with a bad poker face, for a press photo shoot. Obama was turned into a Pentagon puppet ever since.

    Too many stories in the news are completely fabricated to generate chatter for the feds. They have the majority of comments on many news sites, many software generated, and are actively involved in the moderation of sites since the “death” of Osama Bin Laden.

    A military coup d’etat began in 2008 with the introduction of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate.

    Osama Bin Laden is a name and a code. It appears he was created by the New World Order. The New World Order consists of some of the richest people in the world with the goal of overthrowing the US government, some from inside our own government. They are also trying to collapse our currency and are behind all of the “buy gold” hype, not to mention thousands of money making opportunities online and late night infomercials. They are positioned to make billions by collapsing our economy.

    The attacks on 9/11 appear to be attacks on capitalism. The people that make up the New World Order are media moguls, CEO’s and many others. The coup is also the reason why all the CEOs who ran in the last midterm didn’t get elected either.

    You will not read about this in the media since most of the media has been forced to cooperate or have been paid to cooperate.

    What you’re about to learn is true and not embellished in anyway. Here’s what Obama, Osama, Biden, Bin Laden, the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists, and Sarah Palin had to do with the last election and the military’s overthrow of our government. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret.blogspot and learn the biggest story ever in the history of the world before the site gets shut down too.

  14. That does it, i’m buying a Les Paul!!! 57 Gold top.

  15. Well…if there was any doubt; about, the conspiracy of a One World Government, and the U.S.’s entry ramp onto extinction, man, I think it has been removed….the sheeple have awoken…now what?

  16. Even the sponsors of this Ted Anderson website can be used as an example.

    Clifton Mining is out in Utah and follows government laws regulations. Now, if a group of folks came in rivaled Clifton Mining by illegal / illicit means…ya dont think Clifton Mining would throw a tizzy?

    • And then, people bitch moan about imports from China. They claim the ports with their cargos are not being properly inspected and all kinds of crap are comin into the country. Well fckn duh; which way do ya want it? Do you want inspections or do you not want inspections? Do you want every item that is shipped around the world to be properly labeled or do you not want it labeled? Do you want Ron Paul’s global ‘free’ trade or do you not want to trade with others? Even Ron Paul would agree that items that are trans-natinal need to be properly labeled as to their source and to their destinations.

      Dont the people of Madagascar have a say in what they do with their own natural resources? Infowars just spent weeks on Libyan oil being pillaged and basically being smuggled by corporations. Duh? Fckn duh? Dont the people of Madagascar have a say in what they do or dont do in managing their own precious resources?

      American are as dense as a box of rocks and are stuck on exceptionalism.

  17. Wow! just reading some of the comments on here,it looks like all of the emotional people woke up this morning,cried in their Ovaltine,then decided to post comments on Infowars.

    • “NATAS” can hum my balls, so can you.

  18. They were importing roughcut timber from India. It was supposed to be finished timber(trade agreement?)

    But so what! Look what the EPA did a while back. They banned the Big Heavy 1 cyl. stationary diesels from India and China. Why? Don’t meet emissions standards. THING IS: People in the USA and Canada are running them on Waste Vegetable Oil and using the power to generate electricity and the waste heat to help heat their homes. WTF!

    At the same time you can buy small air compressors made in China that are Power Pigs! In the time it took me to write this comment, 10 of these compressors have been sold at China Marts in USA and Canada!

    • Yeah man, i remember those china diesels, ran forever and most came with a rebuild kit. Wish i’d bought about 10 of em back then but i finally got my 4000W Onan running off of woodgas this past week…and i mean free woodchips dumped by the tons by the county.
      Everyone else i watched on youtube used wood pellets but you have to buy them and you might as well by gasoline if you gotta pay for your fuel.

  19. As a guitar player, and an American blue collar worker, this raid of Gibson especially pisses me off. Gibson is an American company that employs Americans, and our Feds attack it? Fuck them! And the politicians still grandstand for “the little guy”.

    And they say they are trying to help the American economy? B U L L S H I T

    • Yah and China need more oil resources in America cuz that oil in America creates jobs for the Chinese. Im with ya bud.


    * I Found a NEW WEAPON to fight the Info War

    infowarrior76. com it’s a dudge like site that doesn’t sugarcoat the news and has an anti globalist mindset

  21. Americans!
    They can parse it any which way and it comes down to your government declaring war against you.

    The U.S. Government, no exceptions, is an agency for foreign interests.

    Your America isn’t your country anymore. Get it through your heads.

    While you were trying to be peaceful, your government was in various back-rooms/knocking down doors/using judges to call ‘eminent domain’ the right to seize any piece of land they desire/etc and not being peaceful towards you.

    While you keep thinking up ways to keep protests polite and “don’t rock the boat” your government is thinking up ways to subjugate you and if that doesn’t work, destroy you.
    Not a peaceful strategy.

    • This would be a really good time to humble ourselves (not that hard…now), and pray (not that hard…now ‘plenty of time, with no job’), and repent of our sins; maybe God will hear from heaven, and heal our land?

      • As long as the criminal government does not repent, the tyranny grows every day.

        How many sins does the government ignore?

        Why does the government not believe the “sweet by and by” or your ‘bedrock’ moral conservatives booming out of church proudly holding their Bible and run right off to a bar? Do they have guilt??? Do their prostitutes?

        And you are worrying about “humbling ourselves”?

        This is not meant to be smart aleck or offensive in any way. But it demonstrates how citizens can be their own worst enemies by their own attitudes.

    • You are 100% right Carteret!! There is no peaceful strategy left for us anymore! They have us in pretty much full submission now! The time is now!!

  22. Who really buys that many guitars? Use synthetics for the fret boards. This is another non-issue designed to distract and press the police state. Now it is an international police state. Illegal imports of wood, you forget, in the past mahogany was made illegal to import from the amazon. Cut down 3000 acres of rain forest but worry about guitars. We are a country of morons run by idiots.

    • I say we get it over with and level every damn mountain range there is, kill all the animals, fish every damn river, stream,lake, sea and ocean dry dry dry, chop down every fckn tree there is on the planet, drain every swamp there is and build condos…go into every scenic get-away that exists on the planet and construct condos and shopping malls with a few factories here and there. Then just cover every damn square foot with asphalt concrete.

      If anybody wants to look at natural scenes, just keep a few volcanes standing. That Grand Canyon is a waste. That can be one hell of a landfill. We dont need a Colorado River any more really. If we destroyed everything on the planet..wellllll..there the creation of jobs, will be great for the stock markets. Of course we’ll need little pockets aroud the world to produce atleast some food products so those areas can be strictly managed to pruce fruits, vegetables and meat products. But everything else can be paved over.

    • Ever heard of re planting? It’s not a “non issue” dude. It’s about American companies and workers getting fucked with by a parasitites. And if you like music, like most people do, then it’s a very big deal.
      What the fuck is next? Raiding kool aid???

      I gotta place they need to raid, fucking Area 51, and throw in plumb island.

    • The world forested area, estimated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N. (FAO), currently amounts to four billion hectares, covering 30 percent of the land surface of the earth. Few people realize this is the same figure as in the 1950s. In the United States, vast forests cover a third of the land, according to the U.S. Forest Service. That’s equivalent to two–thirds of the amount of land that was forested when the Europeans arrived in the 1600s. This acreage has not declined since 1920. In fact, annual forest growth today is more than 3 1⁄2 times what it was in 1920. Two–thirds of the nation’s forests are classed as timberland, capable of producing at least 20 cubic feet per acre of industrial wood annually. Another fact: Trees are growing 33 percent faster than they are being cut.

      The highest volumes of growth occur on privately–owned forest industry land, while the government–owned national forests, where the trees are older, have the lowest volumesÊ of tree growth. The National Wilderness Preservation System grew from nine million acres in 1964 to 96 million acres in 1993.

      • Well yeah, and if ‘people’ simply had their much would be ‘preserved’ today??

        Take yer pick; regulae folk are capables of all sorts of non-productive behaviors, corporation are, and so are governemnts. Recall London and the so-called “thugs”? Thats about it.

        We reap what we sow. Mud-slides killin folks, hurricans slammin into shore-lines that have no natural buffers, building on volcanic slopes, building on fault-lines, depleting top soils to the point where chemical additives have to be added, polluting waterwys to the point where pregnant women can eat certain amounts of certain fish, shrimp havin mercury, etc, etc. Its a big f*ck fest.

        And this is not to say that ‘governemnts’ are not in there getting their own piece of the action. Hell look at gold and silver. All you see is buy silver, buy gold. All over MSM and everywhere. China govt is telling its folks to buy gold , buy silver! Why? Well for one thing governments are invested in gold. And governments are right in there invested in corporate stock as well.

        Its a big feeding frenzy goin on as the planet goes into deeper and deeper turmoils.

  23. Everyone in amerika still has one basic right “the right to remain silent” and by damn they are doing a bang up job of keeping it.
    This country isnt gonna be rescued by a “popular vote” because there is no such a thing nor has there been such a thing in many many years and everyone on this site should have already known that by the countless articles on it and the past 5 elections. Still everyone acts as if RP has a good chance at winning?
    Wake up from your slumber people, it aint gonna happen, even RP knows it aint gonna happen but most of you are so desperate for another hope and change president that you cannot see the trees for the forrest.
    Let me repeat myself, Presidents are NOT elected, they are appointed, this is a fact, nothing happens by accident!

    • Right on TennWalt….. You’re right on the mark…..

    • Either way, the US is goin down. Ron Paul, if in the Presidency, is ony one person. So the flip side is obviously another cookie-cutout in the Oval Office. So that means 4 more years and possibly 4 more years of the same after that. So its gonna get worse no matter who is in there.

  24. I can’t believe this is going on in America! This is an outrage! What is our government doing? Thats why all of these crony political whores are getting kicked out of office when the elections come around and they have the lowest approval rating in the history of the U.S.

    The people should be allowed to elect Ron Paul as permanent President to get this country back on track. End the corruption Congressman Paul. Teach these fake politicians who want their political welfare checks a lesson, please!

  25. The people that actually live in Madagascar, have been expereincing the “plunder’ of their forests for ebony rosewood. This “illicit harvesting” has gained momentun inside Madagascar after a coup in that country. Now there is a tremenous amount of illegal, trans-national shipments being carried out which is not doing the general population of that country good.

    (in part)

    How much did Gibson know about this?
    “[A] Gibson employee…wrote that ‘[t]he true Ebony species preferred by Gibson Musical Instruments is found only in Madagascar (Diospryos perrieri). This is a slow-growing tree species with very little conservation protection and supplies are considered to be highly threatened in its native environment due to over exploitation.’ In fact, [he] ‘spent two and a half weeks in Madagascar this June [2008],’ writing on his return, ‘I represented our company along with two other guitar manufacturers…. All legal timber and wood exports are prohibited because of wide spread corruption and theft of valuable woods like rosewood and ebony.’”

    The federal prosecutors say that while Gibson knew of the questionable timber, and even acknowledged it as such, the guitar-maker went ahead with buying ebony from Nagel, a supplier in Germany.

    “Gibson sourced its unfinished ebony wood in the form of blanks (for use in the manufacture of fingerboards for Gibson guitars) from Nagel (in Germany), which obtained it exclusively from Roger Thunam (a supplier in Madagascar). Madagascar prohibits the harvest of ebony wood as well as the exportation of unfinished ebony wood.”.”.


    • So, since there is a high global demand for these slow-growing, quality trees….then lands can be set aside in other countries around the World that have similar soils and climates. Right? Or..would that then cause other groups, with other complain that the lands need to be used for something else? So then, science will come along and try to produce a faster growing tree ( which will probably not have the quality of the natural timber )..and then people will complain about that too..and also complain that everything is being ‘managed’.

    • Leave it to some know-it-all Americans to complain what other people living in other countries should do with their own natural resources.( HEY…come on ! We need that timber! We got a corporatin to run here in America and we’re losing jobs! ) Americans cant even control their own fckn fct up country.

    • This is the same type of thing not only happening in Burma and in Madagascar…where ya have “thugs” goin around makin a buck or two…but its been goin on in Indonesia as well.

      Not just illicit harvesting of wood in Indonesia, but also there is a problem in the area of natural, organic substances used in remedies medicines being illicitly obtained and sold to the World. And you have Indonsian businesses that Do play by the rules, having concerns over what these ‘thugs’ are doing.

      Its gonna get worse as times go by because more people are trying to make a buck anyway they can, while ‘governments’ become more and more controlling.

    • HOW DOES A FUCKING TREE GROW IN THE FIRST PLACE? Has anyone ever heard of the insane concept of “pro creation”, or re-planting? Where is all the UN money for that? Think about it.

      • Replanting not only helps the enviorment, and biospheres, IT CREATES JOBS in many countries. Not what the globalists want, apparently. CAUSE THEIR TO BUSY ENGINEERING THE GLOBAL COLLAPSE AND WWIII TO HAIL THEIR FUCKING ANTI CHRIST AND HIS FALSE PROPHET.

  26. My first post – have been reading this site for about a year now. Have known what the government has been up to for about 10 years, when I started educating myself. When I read stories such as this, and all of the others on the site I get so damn angry. I know what is going on with the banks, government, politicians, etc. I see so much tyranny on a day to day basis. I feed myself with information every day, and yet I feel so helpless.

    I support Ron Paul – yet see how the deck is stacked against him.

    I believe in the constitution, yet see how it is being ignored.

    I see how the American people are being manipulated – but they seem to take it in stride.

    I see how TSA is ignoring rights – but I have to fly for work.

    I am SO DAMN ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What to do, what to do. I am ready to do something, just want it to be legal and effective. There has to be a way to turn this around.


  27. they jst mad ginson makes the best guitars

  28. They tried this crap here in Spld Mass about someone who filmed and audio taped police beating the crap out a known criminal. The police officers involved tried to go after the woman filing the beating on her cell phone. When that didnt work they tried to sue her civally.

    The police here are out of control

  29. I think there is more to the Gibson story we are made aware of. Certainly the laws are being blatantly selectively enforced even if Gibson did ‘break’ the law in someway. But why? I don’t see anything showing that it is politically motivated or because of an organizations campaign donations…at least not at that upper level. Who made the complaint? India? or someone in the USA? The USA may be an enforcer of something but not the fingerpointer. I don’t know but hope to learn more as it comes out.

    • I listened to this whole interview with the CEO of the company and it was appaling how SWAT would raid a American business. It had something to do with how his company molded the wood and that was illegal according to an Indian law. The CEO said actually India never questioned him or his company. But he had armed police take and questions factory workers for hours at gunpoint.

      Land Of The Free yeah right?

    • The question is where are the charges? Was a search warrant provided to Gibson?

      The CEO is on record of alleging what violations of law that might be the basis for the raid, but he himself doesn’t know.

      Interesting as well he stated Gibson sources materials just the same as other instrument manufacturer are currently doing. It’s unknown why Gibson has been singled out.

      When Gibson was told it would be better off manufacturing in Madagascar, something seems motivated by other than law here.

      Moreover does it take an assault team with weapons drawn to communicate with Gibson over material sourcing possible infringements of law does it. This is simply excessive, abuse of power, and more conditioning of the public to get used government authoritarianism.

  30. ObombA needs a guitar shoved up his gay satanic ass !

    • yeah …. thats a good start.. after that take the guitar and smash it over
      his head, Blackmore style.. some heart warming thoughts to start the day off

      • actually a cactus with rusty barbed wire and rusty razorblades would be better.

  31. I so can’t stand that reporter from RT. Alex could talk to a brick and get more intelligent responses

    • The reporter may be a little lacking but RT shows news stories that the local government propaganda channels will not.

    • Also most of RT’s programs are teleprompter free. So it takes a little more out of a person do it on the fly without much reference support. Overall RT does a solid job. I accept the small nuances with RT ad the benefit in content they provide far surpasses other traditional media.

    • She’s actually better than she used to be — I think the producer of RT must have had a talk with her and told her to stop being such a a dingbat lol

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