Globalist Agenda Watch 2016: Update 14 – A quick note on the Summer of Terror and the September War (+ Dallas and the Republican National Convention)

If the globalists are going to make the September window for their fake World War 3, they need to get US troops moving to the area pretty soon…
…and that means that the Summer of Terror needs to ramp up soon. So be on the lookout for a coordinated, multiple-city attack in the US by “ISIS” sometime between tonight, July 4 and Tisha B’Av, August 14.

It took six months for the US military to deploy its forces for the first Iraq War, but the deployment of such a large and heavy force will not be required for the next conflict. Since ISIS is a lightly-equipped foe, the ground forces that will fight them will largely be Marines and Army light infantry units, both of which can be quickly deployed. Most of the gear needed for the war has already been pre-positioned in the area.

The international forces that will join both the US and Russian sides after the Olympics attack will also be light and relatively small in number, and they too will rely on equipment and munitions that have been pre-positioned by the US and Russia.

As for the big terror attack that gets the US rolling into the Middle East again, tonight offers a great opportunity for the false-flag crowd to work their magic. Whether the attacks are real or simulated, they would focus on crowds that have gathered to watch the fireworks, and would be timed to coincide with the rapid-fire climax of each show. The sounds of the fireworks would mask the explosions and gunfire, and people would have trouble recognizing an attack in the darkness.

With love…

(P.S. – Same Day) – A reader has pointed out another juicy target
…and the date translates to 777, which the numerologists will love.

(P.S. – 6 July 2016) – Given news that has come out today — along with news that came out on June 17th during my absence — it appears that the globalists have opted against using Greece for the coming financial / economic blow against the EU. Instead, they seem to be telegraphing an impending banking crisis originating with either Deutsche Bank or the Italian banks. More on this in the next full update…

(P.S. – 9 July 2016) – The Dallas police massacre happened just in time to set the stage for a bloody Republican National Convention. And that, in turn, will set the stage for a cartoonishly overdone “establishment candidate vs. anti-establishment candidate” dialectic circus for the voters. This circus will show the globalists’ chosen “anti-establishment” candidate, Donald Trump, under fire from violent black and hispanic groups as well as the Democratic, Republican, and globalist establishments. All this is about outraging the “silent majority” and driving them to Trump. More to come…

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