Globalist Agenda Watch 2017: Update 8 – The globalist strategy for the French and UK elections (+ The UK Election – 3)

Three down; two to go…

As is explained in the NWO Schedule of Implementation 2017


In order to overcome the UN’s jaded reputation and get people to accept its leadership, they will take it through a “reform” process to rebrand it and give it an image makeover. This reform effort will make it appear as though Western domination and “corruption” of the institution has been ended, and it will include two very important elements…

1) The Security Council will be reformed to include permanent members from all 10 UN regions, and the power of the P5 nations to unilaterally veto resolutions will be eliminated. The elimination of unilateral veto power will be sold as being necessary to allow the UN to effectively address divisive conflicts, but its real purpose will be to ensure that no nation can insulate itself from UN action by casting a veto. All nations will be equally helpless against the multilateral UN mob and the Occulted Powers who pull their strings. <<<

Now if you think about it, it would be hard to get to this goal if one or more of the veto-wielding five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council (the P5) is anti-Putin, so the globalists are attempting to place Putin-friendly leaders in all of those nations. They hope to get it done this year, and as you can see in the scoreboard graphic above, there are just two left to go.

To achieve their objective, the globalists have three basic options…

OPTION 1: Install Putin-friendly leaders in early May via the already-scheduled presidential election in France and a yet-to-be-scheduled snap election in the UK.

OPTION 2: Install Putin-friendly leaders either during or after the coming Big Crisis via government shakeups.

OPTION 3: Combine Options 1 & 2 by starting the Big Crisis in April, thus allowing the early May elections to serve as the government shakeups.

In upcoming sections of this entry, we’ll explore the details of these three options, and we’ll see why Marine Le Pen and Jeremy Corbyn are the leaders the globalists have selected to complete the P5 pro-Putin makeover. Before we begin, though, let me give my standard heads-up to new readers…

The globalists control both sides in the current political drama – both the “Establishment” side (Obama, Clinton, Soros, the Bilderbergers, the mainstream media, etc.) and the “Anti-Establishment” side (Trump, Le Pen, Putin, the BRICS, the alternative media, etc.). They are deliberately staging a dialectic conflict between the two sides in order to implode their existing “Establishment” and erect a new one (the multilateral / multipolar New World Order) in its place. Read Understanding the NWO Strategy for more information on what they’re doing.

With the heads-up now complete, let’s begin with…


The French presidential election is scheduled for April 23. And under the French system, if no candidate gets a majority of the vote, the top two vote-getters will face off in a runoff election on May 7. Currently, opinion polls purportedly show that no candidate will receive a majority vote, and that the globalist Neo-Establishment candidate Le Pen and her dialectic foil Emmanuel Macron will be the two candidates who will make the runoff election…

…From a Google News search for “Macron”

Le Pen’s public support reportedly tops out at about 39%, and she is forecast to lose the runoff election by a wide margin. So to elect her under Option 1, the globalists will have to stage a massive event to move a large chunk of the electorate over to her. I wrote about this in my previous article

>>> In order for the globalists to shift enough of the French public to give Le Pen majority support, something over-the-top has to happen. And people will have to see that it was done by “Islamic terrorists” who came in among the migrants. As for timing, it will have to happen sometime between now and the runoff election on May 7. Otherwise, Le Pen will fail and the globalists will face an uphill climb to get their 2017 agenda implemented…

In the Special Notes at the top of Update 6, I showed how the globalists were helping Wilders and Le Pen get elected, and I noted that Wilders’ loss meant they had to do something dramatic to push more of the French public towards Le Pen. With that in mind…

What do you think will happen if Le Pen places in the top two of the first round of voting and qualifies for the runoff election?

You’d expect to see “angry, fearful migrants” rioting in the streets and carrying out terrorist attacks, wouldn’t you? This is especially true if Le Pen places first.

So I think that’s what the globalists will do to push Le Pen over the top: have their paid provocateurs and terrorists stage riots and terror attacks possibly before, and DEFINITELY AFTER, the first round of voting. If voters have to walk by burning cars and rioting Muslims on their way to the runoff polls, whom do you think they’ll choose? <<<

Under Option 1, then, a 9/11-scale event will be orchestrated for France before either the first or second phase of the election, and it will galvanize the electorate in support of the candidate who is most seen as a strident defender of France against the Muslim migrant invasion, Marine Le Pen.

Under Option 2, Macron, who is a former Rothschild banker and a poster boy for the Old Establishment, will win the election and be the French president when the Big Crisis hits this year. Since the Old Establishment’s policies will be blamed for causing the crisis, their poster boy president will face the wrath of the public, and he’ll be forced to leave office. This is where French law takes over…

“Upon the death, removal, or resignation of the President, the President of the Senate takes over as acting president… he or she does not become the new President of the Republic as elected and therefore does not have to resign from his or her position as President of the Senate…

The first round of a new presidential election must be organized no sooner than twenty days and no later than thirty-five days following the vacancy of the presidency. Because fifteen days can separate the first and second rounds of a presidential election, this means that the President of the Senate can only act as President of the Republic for a maximum period of fifty days.” – from Wikipedia

So within fifty days after Macron takes the fall, a new president would be elected. And with the electorate being furious at the Old Establishment for causing the Big Crisis, they’ll vote for the Neo-Establishment candidate, Le Pen, who would then be seen as prescient and correct in all of her previous policy stances.

Under Option 3, the globalists will go ahead and trigger the Big Crisis before the election, and this might still include a French 9/11 as one of its components. Just like under Options 1 and 2, this would propel the electorate away from the Old Establishment and towards Le Pen.

Now that we’ve covered the three options vis-a-vis the French election, you might be wondering why I see Le Pen as a globalist agent. This is where some of my previous writings can shed some light. First, let’s have a look at an excerpt from Throwing the Game: Why the globalists are exposing their own false-flags (and the real agenda behind the Paris attacks)


…But the great thing about disinformation sites is that if you know how to correct for their spin, they also give you the real reasons behind everything. Take the Paris terror attacks of the past week for example. Veterans Today blurted out the real agenda behind them for everyone to see (in the VT article linked above)…

“One thing I missed in the original blog post: The timing of the Charlie Hebdo event was suspicious, not only because it closely followed Netanyahu’s threat that France was making a grave mistake by supporting Palestinian statehood and unleashed pre-scripted Zionist talking points against France’s pro-Palestine position……But also because the Zionists are panicking at the success of European anti-New-World-Order parties in general, and the French Marine LePen/Alain Soral/Dieudonné contingent in particular.”

Let me explain why I bolded that last section…

Once the globalists trigger the New Lehman Event and take down the West, the Western populations will be furious at their leaders. The globalists know this. This is why they’ve been preparing to scapegoat the existing political figures and replace them with pre-marketed “outsiders” who will “set things right again.”

If you’ve noticed, the Establishment has had existing leaders like America’s Obama and France’s Hollande force wildly unpopular policies upon the people, thus preparing the scapegoats for the slaughter. Now can you guess who they’ve been grooming as the “outsiders” who will replace these unpopular figures? In America, it is politicians like Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Elizabeth Warren. And in France, it is the “French Ron Paul“…
…This picture shows Jean-Marie Le Pen and his daughter Marine Le Pen, who are the French analogs to Ron Paul and his son Rand Paul.


Next, let’s have a look at some excerpts from The Paris Attacks, Marine Le Pen and Ron Paul


It didn’t take long for the propaganda exploitation to flow after the false-flag attacks on January 7. On the 8th, Slate posted this article on Marine Le Pen
…Isn’t it interesting how they thought to write about this in the immediate aftermath of the attacks?

Here are some notable excerpts (with my comments added in brackets)…

>>> Marine Le Pen, the leader of the increasingly popular party with the slogan “The French Come First,” appeared in front of three French flags and hammered out her demands—and a selfless offer.*

It is time for “frank and clear responses” against “inaction and denial,” she declared. In other words: The country’s two main political parties have failed to stem the Islamist tide, and you the voters now have all the evidence you need that France requires new leadership. “I intend to assume this vital responsibility so France can defend itself in the war that has been declared upon her,” she continued…

After Wednesday’s tragic attack, the party’s relevance [Le Pen’s FN Party] can no longer be doubted…

Marine Le Pen’s challenge has been to dissociate her party from its founder, her father Jean-Marie Le Pen, a polarizing figure known for frequent racist and anti-Semitic commentary…

[In much the same way, Rand Paul has had to distance himself from the “extreme” stances of his father Ron, and Ron Paul has toned down his language to support his son’s political ambitions.]

Le Pen’s attractive force, however, does not rely on the logic of the political world as it is. It lies in the brand her father built as a political pariah speaking “truth to power” in a system dominated by Gaullists and Socialists who all attended the same elite schools.

[Here again we see the similarities to the Pauls — being “political pariahs” speaking “truth to power” to the “elite.”]

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack, there is no obvious limit to how high Marine Le Pen and National Front could rise. <<<

To further cement Le Pen’s reputation as an “outsider” to the French Establishment, she was noticeably snubbed from the recent National Unity March. As France 24 noted…

>>> By Thursday afternoon, most other parties had followed suit, with the notable exception of the National Front (FN). Its leader, Marine Le Pen, said she had not received an invitation. She denounced the FN’s “exclusion” from the rally and proclaimed “the end of national unity”.

The Socialist government has yet to confirm that her party was not invited. <<<

…and as the Irish Times noted…

>>> Mr Hollande is marching alongside his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy, whom he defeated in the presidential election in 2012, providing a rare image of unity between the two rivals. All senior figures in Mr Sarkozy’s UMP are attending, as are the leaders of smaller parties on the left and right.

Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Front, is not among them. Speaking after a meeting with Mr Hollande at the Élysée Palace this week, Ms Le Pen said the president didn’t invite her to the march and that she “regretted” this. <<<

It’s also worth noting who was pictured with French President Hollande in the March…
…Benjamin Netanyahu. This picture is going to come back and bite Hollande once the mainstream media is instructed to “tell the truth” about all the false flags and the Nazi/Zionist involvement in them. When the MSM start openly promoting the truth about 9/11, the London 7/7 attacks, and the Paris attacks, you’ll know the globalists are making their move…

Having looked at all this (along with everything we saw in the last entry), we see how the Paris attacks are serving to “move the herd” in the general direction of Le Pen, France’s savior-to-be.

Let’s not forget someone else who released a major political manifesto on the day after the attacks…
…This article got lots of attention over the last few days, including over 266,000 views (so far) on Zero Hedge alone. It is designed to make Paul look prescient once the fireworks get started, thereby cementing his reputation as “the one who saw it all coming and warned us.” This in turn would make him or his son the obvious choice as the one who can “set things right again.”


Finally, let’s have a look at Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Update 7


[Update 7 – 16 January 2015]

Paul Craig Roberts confirms Le Pen, Farage, and Paul are controlled opposition

The great thing about globalist disinfo agents is that once you identify them, they become a great source of insight into what the globalist agenda actually is. Whatever they are selling is what the globalists want sold, and whatever they are bashing is what the globalists want bashed. Discerning the underlying agenda then becomes child’s play.

Paul Craig Roberts is one such disinfo agent, and he is on the globalists’ “Team BRICS.” Team BRICS media agents are tasked with pointing out the (deliberately) insane policies of the US and the West and/or pointing out the hope offered by “freedom fighting” China and the East. Roberts is a particularly shrill propagandist who assails “insane” American policy.

On top of the clear propaganda signature offered by his writings and interviews, he makes a point of displaying the “Hidden Hand” gang sign of the “elite” on his webpage

All this triggers “Ken’s Rule for Discerning Globalists”…

If it quacks like a dialectic propagandist, looks like a Hidden Hand, and smells like a vinegary fish, it’s a globalist douchebag.

Now have a look at what Roberts said in this King World News interview

His promotion of “dissenters” like Marine Le Pen, Nigel Farage, and (by extension) Ron Paul tells us that the globalists want them promoted…

And don’t be confused if these “dissenters” break up the EU. Just remember the quote attributed to Mayer Amschel Rothschild: “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” This concept extends to the global level as well. Once the globalists have locked the nations into the SDR-based, Chinese “owned” (as Soros puts it) multilateral/multipolar New Financial Order, they no longer have to hold together fragile combinations like the EU. New multilateral regional and functional institutions can rise from the ashes of the EU. Once the centralized money power has been secured, the rest is academic.


With all this in mind, hopefully you can understand why I view Le Pen as controlled opposition.

++++++++++New Material++++++++++


To begin our exploration of the coming snap election in the UK, let’s look at how the propaganda press are selling it to the public…

…From Business Insider. Here are some key passages interspersed with my comments…

>>> The alleged thinking behind an early election is that a comfortable majority victory for the Conservatives — which polls currently suggest is the most likely outcome — would give May a much stronger hand in the Commons ahead of crucial votes on Brexit legislation and divisive policies like the ban on new grammar schools being lifted. <<<

This section hints at the public justification that will be offered when the snap election is scheduled: that it’s necessary due to political turbulence that arises after Wednesday, March 29 when the UK officially triggers Article 50 to leave the EU.

>>> Tory Party chairman Patrick McLoughlin, chief whip Gavin Williamson, and May’s private secretary George Hollingbery have all discussed advising May to call a snap election on May 4, according to the Times. <<<

So the election would take place a mere three days before the French runoff election. Can you imagine what might happen if Jeremy Corbyn and Marine Le Pen were to take power in the UK and France over the course of just three days? I wrote about it in the NWO Schedule of Implementation: “An economic collapse triggered by shocking developments in the EU (like the election of Le Pen and other “anti-Establishment” figures) and their effect on weak, systemically important financial institutions (like Deutsche Bank).”

>>> Downing Street has repeatedly ruled out an early election, but a number of Tory MPs have privately been encouraging Williamson to push the idea to the prime minister with a crushing victory over the Labour Party a strong possibility.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour has been on “early election footing” since the end of last year in preparation for a 2017 general election, the party’s chief elections strategist Andrew Gwynne said over the weekend.

Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson told Sky News on Monday that he thinks the chances of an early election are high. “I think we’re heading for an early UK election. I think it’s more likely than not,” he said…

Labour shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott told The Independent last week that her party would win an election “whenever” May decides to hold it, despite the party’s continuing to trail the Tories by massive margins in opinion polls. <<<

So despite the one-sided polls, both parties seem to want the election. In a political system that wasn’t fixed, that would seem odd, wouldn’t it? But in a political system that is orchestrated by Freemasons on behalf of the royals, it makes perfect sense that all this is being set up.

To elect Corbyn under Option 1, two things must occur…

1) Something has to happen to justify the scheduling of the election.
2) Something has to happen to shift public opinion towards the Labour Party.

Since Brexit-related political turmoil is the likely justification for having the election, what will happen to push people towards Labour?

Here are some candidate developments…

> Given that Corbyn is anti-war, the Tories might engage in a controversial, ill-conceived and disastrous military action that leads to a significant loss of British life, possibly in Syria.

> Wikileaks or some other limited-hangout “whistleblower” might come forward with information that is very damaging to May and the conservatives. It could be related to the GCHQ’s surveillance of Trump and a reciprocal arrangement that allows the NSA to spy on UK citizens, it could tie the Tories to the planning and execution of false-flag “terrorist attacks” in the UK, it could tie the Tories to outrageous instances of pedophilia, etc.

> A shocking downturn in the UK markets might follow the triggering of Article 50, which would lead to disaffected anti-Brexit voters rallying behind Labour for revenge against the Tories.

(More to come)

With love…

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