God, Bible, landslide searches in wake of China, Washington landslides (video) (Photos)

News of recent landslides in Whidbey Island, in Puget Sound, Washington, as well as a large landslide on Friday that China Central Television says has trapped 83 workers in a gold mining area in Tibet has sent people to the web wanting to know more about what God and the Bible have to say about the recent turbulent weather.

* Watch news video footage of the Washington landslide

Although geologists have attributed the Washington landslide to deposits in the soil that makes it unsteady, and not rain, Chinese state media has said that the early-morning landslide — which occurred in the Maizhokunggar county of Lhasa, the regional capital — was due to a “natural disaster,” and has not provided additional details, specifically why the reports came several hours after the landslide happened.

In the same manner that the seeming increase in fireball meteors, sinkholes and other weather disasters have sent searchers to Google looking for biblical mentions of these phenomenon, these seemingly two unrelated landslides are causing similar spikes in searches, as well as prayers being offered for the rescue efforts of souls on Friday in China.

“Doctors reached at the local county hospital said they had been told to prepare to receive survivors but none had arrived,” reports the Associated Press.

Actual mentions of the word landslide in the Bible, however, only turn up commentaries pontificating about the miracle at the crossing of the Jordan River.

The landslide in Washington is stunning to see from the aerial shots, with reportedly enough land moved that would fill 40,000 trucks.

Source Article from http://www.examiner.com/article/god-bible-landslide-searches-wake-of-china-washington-landslides-video

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