GOP Poll Watcher Who Witnessed 35K Ballot Dump in Detroit Threatened with Violence

By Ben Wetmore
The Gateway Pundit

Detroit Poll Watcher Was Ejected After Challenging Mismatched Ballots


Braden Giacobazzi witnessed the aftermath of the BIDEN BALLOT DUMP in the middle of the night. He was told that 35,000 ballots had just arrived at the TCF Center and asked if he could help ensure the votes were legally authenticated and counted.

When he arrived and tried to do his job, Democrats threatened violence.

“I will kick your ass or I will kick you out of here!” was the threat of violence used to eject Braden from reviewing legal and illegal ballots at the TCF Center.

The media keeps saying there is NO EVIDENCE of Voter Fraud, but there are dozens of witnesses and hundreds of affidavits alleging voter fraud in Wayne County/Detroit ALONE!

HE SAW A BIN WITH WHAT LOOKED LIKE EMPTY BALLOTS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM, during the period of time that GOP Poll Challengers were suspiciously kicked out of the counting area, and during the period of time where the City of Detroit ordered the windows covered SO NO ONE COULD SEE IN.

He is a Political Independent and was a Detroit Poll Challenger.

“When you walked in you could feel the tension in the air.”

“My job was to look at ballots and make sure the numbers matched each other,” he said. “It was going so fast you couldn’t see who was voting for whom.”

“We were told by the lawyers that we were supposed to be able to view the ballots, but the people at the tables never let us.”

Giacobazzi noticed when the facility decided to lock out the Republicans from being able to observe the vote count. From that point on, things got “more and more contentious.”

He told The Gateway Pundit that the atmosphere devolved into a one-sided cover-up throughout the day. “Many of the people running the tables– as soon as we’d step in, they would wield COVID as a weapon to force you to stay away from the table.”

“They were professional agitators, riling people up in order to get people kicked out.”

“And they’d step in front of you to make sure you couldn’t see what was going on.” He described being yelled at by numerous left-wing operatives who demanded to know who he was, despite his credentials.”

“It seemed like it was much worse in the back,” he said. “There was a Democrat operative who came up to me and said ‘Who are you? What do you think you’re doing here?’” he said. “That was the M.O. for the whole day. ‘I don’t have to tell you anything, I don’t have to tell you who I am, I don’t have to tell you my affiliation, but you have to tell me everything,’” he said.

He never saw Democrats get kicked out. He never saw the rules applied to Democrats.

Apparently only conservatives were a COVID risk.

“They were lying to people all day long about COVID.”

Giacobazzi believes the poll challengers and staff were on the same side, and that they were colluding to obstruct Republican poll challengers and have them removed from the facility. “It was like they were professional agitators,” he said. “They all seemed to be on one side. They all seemed to be ready to cheer as soon as a GOP staffer got kicked out of the room.” He said he did not see any Democrats kicked out of the TCF Center.

“As the day went on, it was like they were picking us off, and there just weren’t enough of us to man the tables.”

Giacobazzi, an engineer by trade, said he encountered several “independent” lawyers and law students who expressed far-left political leanings during his service at the TCF Center. “I remember multiple people telling me they couldn’t wait to go work on behalf of CHAZ / CHOP,” he said, referring to the deadly anarchist takeover of downtown Seattle (Capital Hill Autonomous Zone / Occupied Protest) in the Summer of 2020. “They [the poll workers] liked the idea that you wouldn’t prosecute people for rioting.”

Despite his own diplomatic approach, Giacobazzi told The Gateway Pundit that he was ultimately ejected from the facility for challenging a ballot. “The whole room cheered, clapped, made snide remarks, and said ‘Yeah, get him the hell outta here!‘” he said.



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