Gordon Brown’s private emails ‘hacked’ while he was at height of feud with Tony Blair

  • Information leaked by source close to Operation Tuleta

Emma Reynolds

Last updated at 11:49 AM on 2nd January 2012

Spied on: The former Chancellor appears to have had his private emails illegally hacked

Spied on: The former Chancellor appears to have had his private emails illegally hacked

Gordon Brown’s emails were hacked by private investigators while he was Chancellor, it has been alleged.

The former Prime Minister’s messages – along with those sent and received by former Labour adviser Derek Draper – were potentially hacked at the request of national newspapers, Scotland Yard said.

Operation Tuleta is looking at evidence from around 20 computers which shows that hundreds of people may have had their emails illegally hacked, according to The Independent.

News International said it had ‘no alleged link’ with Mr Brown or Mr Draper.

A source close to the investigation told the newspaper that the Labour politicians’ messages appeared to have been targeted at a time when relations between Mr Brown and then Prime Minister Tony Blair became strained.

Peter Hain, one of the ex-Chancellor’s former Cabinet colleagues, has previously confirmed he talked to police investigating the potential hacking of computers while he was Northern Ireland secretary.

This would have been between 2005 and 2007, which overlaps with the period when the emails of Mr Draper and Mr Brown were allegedly hacked.

NI’s chief executive, Tom Mockridge, said his company had been told that Mr Hain’s computer was not being examined by Operation Tuleta and that there was ‘no belief or suspicion that this equipment was hacked’.

But Mr Hain apparently claimed he had met with the head of the eight-person Operation Tuleta, Detective Inspector Noel Beswick, and discussed the hacking of three of his computers, including a personal machine.

'Hacked': Derek Draper's computer appears to have been targeted by spies. The ex-Labour adviser has previously had other difficulties after private emails were revealed to the general public

‘Hacked’: Derek Draper’s computer appears to have been targeted by spies. The ex-Labour adviser has previously had other difficulties after private emails were revealed to the general public

Tuleta also interviewed a former Army intelligence officer who complained his computer was illegally accessed six years ago.

Mr Brown has previously accused News International of accessing his bank accounts and other confidential material.

He claimed three senior Sunday Times journalists, whom he named, were aware of the ‘blagging’ techniques used to access his personal details.

Mr Draper, a former lobbyist and former assistant to Lord Mandelson, has had his private correspondence published on two occasions that have damaged the Labour Party and Mr Brown.

In 2008 a sequence of emails between Mr Draper and Lord Mandelson damaged a planned makeover of Mr Brown’s reputation during his difficult time as Prime Minister.

In 2009, leaked emails between Mr Draper and Gordon Brown’s head of strategy and planning, Damian McBride, revealed several plans for smears aimed at David Cameron and George Osborne.

There is no suggestion that any of this material was accessed through illegal computer hacking techniques.

Mr Draper reportedly said he had been given no details by Scotland Yard about whether his emails had been hacked. Mr Brown did not respond to a request for comments.

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said police would not provide ‘a running commentary’ on the investigation.

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Proof if it was ever needed that the media are arrogant and feel they are above the law.

Who cares about a couple of minor hacking scandals by the media. The big story that has yet to be told, is the one about how Labour created the legalised intrusion into everyones lives by unaccountable government officials, who have no check or balances placed on what they can do. If they convienently lose 100,000 personal records of the general public no one is punished and its carry on as useual. They can harvest whatever information they like regardless of its accuracy, hand that information on to whatever department they chose, even lose the information before its passed on for it to be published. NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE ABOUT THE BIGGER PICTURE, because the numbers involved include to many. That is until it affects an individual celebrity.

Does any body care the 2 worst politicians this country has seen in my life time, and i’m in my 60’s.

Well its a shame none of the contents were published as we could then more readily have seen what sort of an idiot the Moron was. Interesting that it was his e mail and not his phone! Oh, I foorgot his phone was either not working or buried in the plaster of the walls of No. 11 after a hissy throwing fit. What an abject failure he was ( is).

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