Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Fiesta Time!

Radio Aryan
June 8, 2016


Grandpa Lampshade’s thought for today is – Fiesta time!

That’s right, the Mexican fiestas at Trump rallies are now escalating to full-on assaults. We’re talking about the direction this is all going in and what it means for all of us. Why does Trump keep having rallies in hostile venues? The fact is that these fiestas are helping him to some extent and by extension, they help our cause by driving people to the reality that we preach daily.

We take a moment to step back and look at all the great work you are doing out there and the fun and entertaining original content that all those on our side put out, from memes to podcasts to written material. Contrast this to the drab, unoriginal grey material repeated like bots that our opponents have and it could almost seem like we were seal clubbing, if not for the fact that our opponents have the weight of the entire Jewish establishment at their disposal to bring to bear on us.

The great shuttering continues with the various social media outlets making an agreement with the EU to clamp down on so called hate speech. What does this look like and how exactly do they implement it? With the various tools out there available to conceal your location, exactly how do they implement this without it being centred not just on Europe, but globally?

Our readers questions segment is insightful as always with a question regarding the rise of ISIS in the context of the so called Arab Spring. Was it a coincidence or a conspiracy? Well let’s just say that Grandpa Lampshade is of the mind that there is no such thing as coincidence, only plans that other people make that they don’t tell you about.

We wrap up the show with a final thought of the day as to certain aspects of our struggle from a Christian perspective. This is put at the end of the show so those who are not interested in this can enjoy the show and skip this part with minimal rustling. Don’t worry, the frogcast is not going to become a religious program but from time to time Grandpa wants to touch on these things without alienating those who have no interest in them. So whether you stop after listener comments or stay for the whole thing, be sure and tune in because it’s always fun and entertaining with Grandpa Lampshade’s Thoughts of the Day.

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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Fiesta Time! – DT 060816

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