Hamas Leader: Resistance Humiliated Tel Aviv; Pre-May 2021 Era Not Like Ever After


Hamas Leader: Resistance Humiliated Tel Aviv; Pre-May 2021 Era Not Like Ever After

By Staff

Hamas Leader in Gaza Yehya Sinwar warned that Palestine’s besieged resistance, by the enemy and the close ones, is able to pound Tel Aviv with a single barrage of 130 rockets.

Sinwar made his remarks during a meeting with writers, academics and instructors of Gaza universities.

Boasting that the last barrage of missiles, which was launched during Operation al-Quds Sword, was meant to use all of the old missiles, the Hamas leader made clear that was is still hidden is far greater.

“The resistance has proved to the occupation that it is the defender and protector of al-Aqsa Mosque and is ready to offer everything for its sake. Had any confrontation erupted again, the shape of the Middle East will be different from its current shape, by God’s willing,” Sinwar added.

In the last round, we humiliated Tel Aviv, the Hamas leader in Gaza affirmed, explaining that the resistance’s fire power in retaliation to the recent aggression was less than its real average.

He further slammed Arab rushing to normalization, Palestinian division, and the international situation as factors that urged the ‘Israeli’ occupation to launch its aggression.

Warning that the coming days will represent a real test for the occupation, the world, and the authority to translate what has been agreed on, Sinwar emphasized that what happened during the May 2021 war on Gaza was a drill to test our capabilities and to show ‘Israel’ a minimized image of the scene of what war would represent.

“We tested many rockets in the sea, but we had to test them in practice,” he went on to say.

Downplaying the ‘Israeli’ claims and aims to kill 50% of the resistance fighters and pulling Gaza ten years ago, Sinwar noted that the Tel Aviv regime achieved nothing, and the resistance remained very strong, vowing that “should they return we will also return.”

Talking numbers, the Zionist entity’s aim was to kill ten thousand resistance men, while the number of members from all Palestinian resistance factions who were martyred is 90, Sinwar said.

“After this great victory, we can say that what comes after May 2021 is just not like what happened after this date,” the Hamas leader concluded.


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