Healing Chronic Inflammation: FREE 7-Day Online Event

Did you know that inflammation is at the root of nearly every chronic health condition including diabetes, heart disease, dementia and cancer?

Luckily, there are effective strategies to address chronic inflammation and the conditions associated with it!

Join us and learn how to get to the root of chronic inflammation and resolve it for good – at this FREE special event:

Heal Chronic Inflammation – FREE 7-Day Online Event

Why attend this important health event?

Your host, Dr. David Jockers, has taken care of hundreds of clients with a wide variety of health challenges, and the one commonality he’s found among them is the presence of chronic inflammation in their bodies. By empowering them to address underlying inflammation through nutrition and lifestyle adjustments, he’s seen them lose weight, get out of pain, elevate their energy levels, overcome chronic illness and improve the quality of their lives.

He’s here to help you by sharing his expert wisdom.

Register here and get immediate access to a host of bonus gifts – so you can get started on better health right away! You’ll immediately receive:

  • Heavy Metals, Chemicals, Detox and EMF Protection Strategies Wendy Myers, FDN-P -In this video, learn about the top 5 toxins disrupting your metabolism and energy, the best strategies for eliminating environmental chemicals and heavy metals and how to protect yourself from EMFs and 5G.
  • Leaky Gut, Endotoxemia, Inflammation and Microbiome ReconditioningKiran Krishnan – In this video, learn how the microbiome impacts immune and inflammatory function, the keystone bacteria that regenerates the gut mucosa and which key nutrients and probiotics support gut and immune health.
  • Candida Overgrowth and Gut and Brain Inflammation – Donna Gates, MEd, ABAAHP – In this video, learn how we develop Candida overgrowth and gut dysbiosis, understand the gut-brain connection, mood issues and brain inflammation and discover low-oxalate, low-histamine, micronutrient rich nutrition strategies.
  • The Brain Regeneration eGuideDavid Jockers – Dr. Jockers shares the best strategies and protocols for healing brain toxicity, stimulating brain cell autophagy and regaining control of your mood, memory and brain health.
  • Cleanse Your Liver Now: 7 Day Liver Cleanse and Gallbladder Flush eGuideDavid Jockers – This 102-page eGuide is full of incredible images and strategies for healing fatty liver disease. Includes an easy 7-day liver cleanse and gallbladder flush to help you improve your immune system, skin health and metabolism.
  • Autoimmune Diet and Recipe eGuideDavid Jockers – Discover the top 12 AIP-diet-approved foods that reduce inflammation in the body PLUS 20 great tasting autoimmune-approved recipes with beautiful images and macronutrient breakdown. These recipes are full of powerful anti-inflammatory nutrients to support your healing process.
  • 30 Cancer Fighting SuperFoods eBookDavid Jockers – Discover the top 30 foods you can use to help strengthen your immune system and prevent and fight cancer. In this image-rich research-based eBook, you’ll learn helpful ways to prepare and utilize these powerful foods and herbs to optimize nutrient absorption for maximum health benefits.
  • 3 Interview Transcripts from The Chronic Inflammation SummitHealthMeans – These selected transcripts are amazing examples of what you’ll learn over the course of this event. Grab these interview transcripts, and gain insights from Wendy Myers, FDN-P, Kiran Krishnan and Donna Gates, MEd, ABAAHP!
  • Tips to Manage and Address Chronic Inflammation eBookHealthMeans – Discover the many lifestyle choices you can make to reverse chronic inflammation and even stop it in its tracks.
  • Sneaky Cancer Symptoms Most Doctors Miss eBookTy and Charlene Bollinger – Current statistics indicate that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will face a cancer diagnosis during their lifetime. Discover the early warning signs and strategies to lower your risks.
  • 101 Natural Health Remedies Secrets eBookWenLi and Kenny – Discover the secrets of ancient cures, natural treatments and simple home remedies to treat common ailments and regain control of your health!
  • Essential Oils for Pain and Inflammation and Remedy GuideEric Zielinski – Discover the best essential oils to use for chronic inflammation, headaches, fibromyalgia and arthritis. Uncover the ancient secrets of using favorite oils like frankincense, copaiba, palo santo and ylang ylang, and start to enjoy a pain-free, inflammation-busting, abundant life today!

When you RSVP here for Healing Chronic Inflammation this huge bundle of wisdom-packed freebies is yours to keep – a wealth of information you can put to good use right away.

Meanwhile, in the main event itself, you will hear from over 30 experts who will share their ground-breaking knowledge about how to stop and even reverse chronic inflammation.

This very special 7-day event will explore:

  • Root causes of inflammation
  • Connections between gut health and chronic inflammation
  • How to protect your brain and nervous system
  • Anti-inflammatory supplement and nutrition strategies
  • Strategies for deep sleep to restore hormone and blood sugar balance
  • Inflammatory triggers for cancer
  • Impacts of inflammation on the aging process
  • Natural strategies and technological advancements for cellular health

Remember: underlying chronic inflammation is the main contributing factor to many chronic health conditions and can impact every system of your body. Grab your FREE place at this event – and learn how to get to the root of chronic inflammation and resolve it for good!

We’ll see you there!


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