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Three important sources predict the arrival of a Covid-19 Zombie Variant.1. THE CDC PREDICTS ZOMBIE PANDEMICIn case you thought the CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention couldn’t get any crazier, look at this page from their official website. Yes, this is real.ABOUT THE CDC: The CDC is NOT a government agency. It is a privately owned Vaccine Company that owns vaccine patents and reaps profits of 4.1 Billion annually. According to RFK Jr., the CDC is actually a subsidiary of Big Pharma. The CDC also has a CDC Foundation that collects $$$$$$$ from BIG donors which means NO taxes!
2. MICHAEL JACKSON PREDICTS ZOMBIE PANDEMICThe drug called Propofol that killed Michael Jackson is made by guess who? AstraZeneca, makers of the vaccine clot shot. Michael Jackson’s physician, Doctor Conrad Murray, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for overdosing Michael in 2011 and was sentenced to 4 years in prison. Conrad Murray was the fall guy who took the rap for bigger fish who wanted to shut Michael up. Why? Because Michael was about to “tell all” on his London tour with his songs, lyrics and symbolism. Some say Michael was planning to expose the Illuminati plot to depopulate the world.The Michael Jackson video,”They Don’t Care About Us”, was banned by the Illuminati-controlled music industry…so Michael had to make a new version in Brazil WITHOUT showing the Illuminati’s genocidal violence that is spreading over the globe.Michael seems to be identifying ‘THEY’ as “the Illuminati” and as “Jews”. Listen to the lyrics and watch the video.FROM THE LYRICS: They Don’t Care About UsAll I want to say is that they don’t really care about us. Don’t worry what people say, we know the truth. Enough is enough of this garbage. Skin head, dead head. Everybody gone bad. In the suite on the news, everybody, dog food. Bang-bang, shock dead. Everybody’s gone mad. Beat me, hate me. You can never break me. You can never kill me. Jew me. Sue me. All I want to say is that they don’t really care about us.Watch Thriller – previewing a Zombie Apocalypse.
3. HOLLYWOOD PREDICTS ZOMBIE PANDEMIC/APOCALYPSEIn the I am legend movie starring Will Smith, scientists cause a genetically engineered lab-made pandemic that transforms humans into bloodthirsty mutants, killing 90% of the world’s population and transforming 9% into blood drinking zombies. Only one percent remain immune but their lives are a constant fight for survival.Killing 90% of the world’s population? Sound familiar? Check out the humongous stonehenge-like monument near Atlanta Georgia called the Georgia Guidestones. The Message written in eight different languages calls for 90% of the Earth’s population to be wiped out. appearance of mutant Zombie’s as the living dead aligns closely with a “flesh-rotting” disease caused by a drug called Krokodil (desomorphine) which produces 8x the “high” of morphine. Formulated in 1932, the drug was patented in Switzerland under the brand name Permonid. This flesh-eating injectable opioid destroys body tissue the way battery acid eats through plastic, opening large sores that can go all the way to the bone. Users report black or green scaly skin as a side effect. It kills you from the inside out’ by causing serious damage to the veins and soft tissue, rapidly followed by gangrene and necrosis. chance this Zombie drug could find it’s way into one of our many booster shots? mov
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