HIGHLAND PARK PARADE MASS SHOOTING & PSYOP: This is why the NWO globalists did it on the Fourth of July

NWO Globalist Cabal Now Going
After Holidays Celebrated
by American Patriots

State of the Nation

“Robert E. Crimo III, identified as the
in the killings, bought the
AR-15-style semiautomatic rifle used
in the slaying…..”

The key element of this transparent false flag operation is captured by the preceding quote from the Chicago Sun Times as seen in the screenshot above taken from their home page.  This state-sponsored mass shooting was executed specifically to provide a justification to forever outlaw automatic and semi-automatic rifles in America.  That’s why they selected an obviously mentally ill, emotionally disturbed, drug-addled, 21-year-old white man with an established history of preoccupation with violence and mayhem.  In fact, everything points to the great likelihood that Robert E. Crimo III was a product of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA Monarch Mind Control program so well did he carry out the massacre (unless this Gladio op was staged as a hoax blended with reality.)  All of these patsies are specifically chosen for their perfectly sculpted “white supremacist” public profiles and vulnerability to being easily mind controlled by their psych handlers after being purposefully addicted to the appropriate psychotropic drugs over years of being prescribed them.

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

Really, could it be more obvious?

The cultural marxists and political bolsheviks who populate the highest echelons of the New World Order globalist cabal are clearly on a mission to forever destroy American culture.

What better way to do just that than to irreparably tear the social fabric of American society?

Carrying out Gladio-style terrorist attacks against Fourth of July parades serve that purpose perfectly. Consider all the patriotic folks who will now think twice before they attend similar parades and commemorations in the future.

You know this false flag mass shooting north of Chicago
was purposely planned for today’s 4th of July parade!

With each successive government-sponsored terror operation, people are getting more and more wary of going to any event that could be construed as a congregation of patriots. Not only is there always a threat of mass shootings or bombings, they risk being called a white supremacist, or worse.

Six Dead and Twenty-Four Injured
During Chicago Area Mass Shooting

Bottom Line: The NWO criminal cabal is hellbent on terrorizing the American people using the same OPERATION GLADIO-style mass casualty events (MCE) that were used across Europe to coerce national governments and manufacture the popular consent necessary for the formation of the European Union. Even a cursory consideration of all the MCEs conducted by the U.S. Intelligence Community, U.S. Armed Forces, local law enforcement agencies and NATO’s Operation Gladio throughout the USA over the past 60 years indicates that the US citizenry has been under withering attack. Each and every one of those massacres, both real and fake, has been carried out in collusion with the CIA’s Mockingbird Media and each respective administration which controlled the U.S. Federal Government. In other words, both the Democrat Party and Republican Party (aka the Uniparty) are deeply involved in this never-ending campaign to the destroy American Republic.

July 4th False Flag Mass Shooting:
A Deliberately Staged Terrorist Attack
& Psyop on America’s Most Patriotic Holiday
to Provide yet Another Shocking Mass Casualty
Event by which to Cancel the Second Amendment 

Look at the highly staged melodrama in the photo above designed to corral all Americans into a pen of complete gun control compliance.

State of the Nation
July 5, 2022




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