Hildebeast Correctly Called a WAR CRIMINAL; Crimes Too Numerous to Be Covered Here-Should Hang For Treason

Comment: For arranging the sale of uranium to Russia so they could build a nuke is reason alone to hang her for treason. I don’t understand the American people’s long support and even worship of these Vile criminals. When will they realize their respected mis-leaders are vile predators who prey on children and commit the most ATROCIOUS crimes in history?

Hillary Clinton was attending an event at Queens University in Northern Ireland wearing a strange robe held by a child who looks like Greta Thunberg. As she entered a building, she was reminded by some of the local Irish people that she’s a horrible war criminal.

When she was Secretary of State, she played a major role in the invasion of Libya which destabilized the region and caused a mass migration of people into Europe. Like the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq there was zero national security reason to launch a preemptive invasion.

She even laughed and cackled about how Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi was killed.

Being a war criminal is literally the only thing this evil cunt has accomplished during her entire life. Yet for some reason Queen’s University thinks it is a good idea to associate themselves with this horribly failed person? This shows that the spirit of evil has infested itself everywhere.

Outside of being a war criminal, what else has she done? She ran two of the worst presidential campaigns in all of history and was only in the position to run for the presidency because she was married to a former governor and president.

She is a fundamentally evil person and will be in hell when she dies.


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