#Hoaxgate: Is Brain Tumor Teen Jew Prank Caller Being Used as a Patsy by His Jew Father?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 27, 2017

The JCC bomb hoax prank calls were ubiquitous on the American media for months. I thought they were getting ready to start their own 24 hour cable news network, calling it the Anti-Semitic Prank Call Network.

Now that the suspect has been apprehended, there’s no news at all. Because he’s an Israeli Jew, and the stupid kike narrative surrounding this story has collapsed, showing the ADL and the rest of the anti-Semitism salesmen to be lying Jews.

But we’re going to keep talking about it here.

And the Jews in their own media are certainly talking about it.

Currently, they are whining that President Trump personally sent these FBI agents to Israel.

The Forward:

President Trump sent 12 FBI investigators from the agency’s cybercrime unit to Israel to assist in the investigation of the Israeli-American teen arrested for making bomb threats at American Jewish institutions, Haaretz reported.

Police sources attributed the arrest to Trump’s pressure on the FBI to pursue the matter, according to Haaretz. The teen, living in the southern Israeli city Ashkelon, had been making cyberattacks for two years, but his arrest was given high priority after Trump said the FBI would do whatever it could to find the perpetrators.

Trump’s statements came after months of criticism against the president for not doing enough to condemn anti-Semitic threats and attacks against Jewish Community Centers and Jewish cemeteries.

They know and we know that another President, having heard that it was coming from Israel, would have ordered the FBI to drop it, and would have gone ahead and given the Jews every single thing they were asking for.

That must really freak them the hell out.

It Looks Like This Kid is a Patsy

Interestingly, the Jews have come out and said the kid who did it, an 19-year-old Jew with American and Israeli dual-citizenship who has never actually been to America, has a brain tumor.

CBS News:

Meanwhile, his public defender said the man “suffers from a brain tumor that may have had an effect on his cognitive functions.”

“This is a young person that because of his very, very serious medical condition didn’t serve in the army, didn’t go to high school, didn’t go to elementary school,” said Galit Bash, the lawyer.

But more importantly, they’ve said his father was also arrested, and sort of indicated he was masterminding the whole thing.

Jerusalem Post:

The suspect’s father has also been arrested and the court extended his detention until March 30, saying he appeared to be involved in most of the same crimes and many of the threatening telephone calls. The suspect’s allegedly suspicious activities were also noted, including the suspect’s use of an unusually large antenna and other unusual hardware that could have drawn suspicion.

The suspect’s mother was questioned, but is not currently a suspect.

It is unknown how many others might have worked with the suspect, but it is believed that he was the main operator of the scare-spree and might have even acted completely on his own.

So it looks like a retarded/brain tumor teenager is getting used as a patsy for the father. The brain tumor teenager will get let off, with the Jew government saying he did it because the tumor made him insane.

Israel is refusing to extradite him. I don’t know if it was even requested, but the Jews preemptively denied they’d be willing to do that.

The only reason he was arrested at all is because Trump sent the FBI there to pressure the Jews into arresting him. Obviously, the Jews could have done this themselves, so the fact the FBI was forced to go there to force them to do it means they had no interest in doing it (the lying Jews are claiming that the FBI brought some mysterious special technology that helped them trace an IP).

So one can infer they have no interest in finding out what happened.

Honestly, I am not really seeking justice against the brain tumor boy or his father, and don’t care if they’re extradited. What I care about is that the American Jews, who organized all of this, are tracked down. Because I am virtually certain that American Jews organized this.

When I said I thought a Jew did it, I said it was Occam’s Razor that a Jew did it.

I would say the same thing now: Occam’s Razor is that this brain tumor patsy boy’s dad is linked to the ADL somehow.

The ADL needs to be held responsible. The fact that they promoted this insane hoax – used it to attack the site, to attack Trump, to attack Twitter trolls, to call for censorship on the internet and demand taxpayer money for a task force – is enough reason to investigate them as responsible for it.

Why would they play up something so obviously fake if they weren’t themselves behind it?

Of course, maybe they weren’t behind it. It’s possible they weren’t. But there needs to be an investigation into their communications with the patsy’s father.

That needs to be linked to a RICO case for their conspiracy to shut down free speech on the internet, which includes hiring an insane journalist named Luke O’Brien to harass my family and send me malicious communications claiming secret information on an FBI investigation into me.

Luke O’Brien is involved in a racketeering conspiracy, as is Yulia Ioffe and The Atlantic. They have also used local media to target my father’s business. Years ago, they approached different local media to get them to film my mother’s home and put it on TV. This is a whole huge and mostly public conspiracy to silence me being carried out by a criminal organization.

So it is simply obvious these Israelis would easily link in to this ADL racketeering network.

The Daily Stormer is officially calling on the Department of Justice to open an investigation into the racketeering network of the ADL, their links to the Jewish prank call false flag hoaxer patsy’s father and their conspiracy to silence my free speech through harassment.

Until that happens, we need internet researchers figuring out who the hell this guy’s father is.

Source Article from http://www.dailystormer.com/hoaxgate-is-brain-tumor-teen-jew-prank-caller-being-used-as-a-patsy-by-his-father/

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