Holocaust Denial in Europe

If anyone thought that Holocaust denial was a marginal phenomenon among a few Talmudic Jews and Gentile haters, evidence is emerging that it is a much wider, more well-established and dangerous phenomenon that is receiving reinforcement on the ground from the United States and European countries. There is a disturbing trend that suggests Jewish genocide against Europe’s Christian nationalities is being ignored by Western mainstream media and the educational system.

pg1According to John Doe at the Holocaust Centre Office in Berlin, who specialises in identifying and bringing to justice mankind’s most depraved psychopaths, many countries have adopted a de facto Holocaust denial stance. In Germany, France, Holland and elsewhere the destruction of Europe’s Christian communities by Talmudic inspired Bolsheviks is largely ignored.

Speaking at the Real History Institute international conference, ‘A Past that Doesn’t Pass’, Dr Roeder pointed out that the destruction of European Christianity is downplayed by media and educational services. This is leading to widespread ignorance of the scale of the disaster in which an estimated 70 – 100 million Christians were callously starved and exterminated, the pitiful survivors reduced to serfdom.

According to the Bolshevik hunter, this is part of an ongoing attempt to blot from the human consciousness the liquidation of Christians throughout Bolshevik Occupied Russia and Eastern Europe. Scornful of holocaust deniers, he emphasised that the eradication of European Christianity by Jewish Bolshevism (Bolshies) is being sanitised, ignored and even denied by Europe’s masthead media and broadcasting channels. Archbishop Daniel Kruger, head of the Ukraine Holodomor Institute for Holocaust Research and Education, believes the holocaust deniers are driven by a psychological motive.

He says many politicians and editors have a guilt complex for their having minimised the dreadful suffering of Europe’s Christians at the hands of the largely Jewish Bolsheviks and their terrifying death-dealing apparatus that operated on an industrial scale. He points out that the 1917 Bolshevik coup that ousted the democratically elected Russian Duma (parliament) was Wall Street financed.

HolodomorKids2“There is a feeling of widespread guilt in Western society that, without their silence, acquiescence and collaboration, the deaths of tens of millions of European Christians might easily have been avoided.” As one editor, who asked not to be named, pointed out, “To know what was going on in Bolshevik Occupied Russia and Eastern Europe and be silent or even supportive of it as many in our industry were defies belief. It turned Western political elite into accessories to mass murder.”

He went on to say, “There is a feeling of shame that Christian Germany in 1942 was on the cusp of rescuing Russia and Eastern Europe but was thwarted by the massive Western aid sent to the beleaguered Bolsheviks in 1942.” He asks, “How does one come to terms with such dreadful shameful ignominy?”

Dr. Candid says there is an attempt to conceal and blur Jewish influence in multiple massacres. “Throughout Eastern and Central Europe, there was a systematic killing of Christians by Jews. That is the reason why so few Christians survived and many communities were completely erased. The intentional goal is to conceal this fact.”

Whites.Not_.Jews_.ukraine-holodomor.fromCaptSpecialists in demography point out that the current population of Russia, the world’s largest country, is today just 143 million. Given a natural increase in population one might expect Russian population to be in the region of 350 million. However, one is obliged to deduct half a generation of child producers who, from 1917 – 1958, were massacred during the Jewish attempt to liquidate the Christians of Bolshevised Europe.

“Many mass murderers of Christians among local populations are perceived as national heroes, streets, squares and governmental institutions have been named after them. How can anyone acknowledge their role in the annihilation of Christians if the murderers are considered heroes?”

According to the two researchers, “soft denial” is taking place in throughout the gun-democracies of the European Union and United States. There is a plan to erect a huge monument for Righteous among the Nations in the centre of the square where Polish and German Christians were massacred.

In the Gulag camps, known by their categorised numbers rather than their names, murdered Christian bones are still scattered around in a visible manner. A mass murder site in the heart of Kiev is where one of the deadliest massacres of Christians in Eastern Europe took place. It is now a green band of jogging and baby strollers. Apart from a symbolic monument, there is no trace of the fact that under the garden plants and pathways there are thousands of bodies of Christians systematically eliminated by the Jewish controlled murderous NKVD death squads.

“The fact that Israel, the United Kingdom and United States have not taken responsibility for the Christian Holocaust must be acknowledged. In Haifa, Berlin and New York, for example, they are still using all kinds of legal measures to prevent the prosecution of Israeli war criminals. Only recently, they rejected our request to try a woman who was responsible for transporting Christians to the Soviet death camps, arguing that she only played ‘a passive role’ which she cannot be prosecuted for.”

The Times journalist recounts a conversation with a former inmate of the Bolshevik Gulag. “You have to remember, all the heads of the camps, all the investigators, all the prosecutors, all those who confirmed our sentences were Jews.”

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