‘How to Protect Yourself from iPhone Radiation’

The article “How to Protect Yourself from iPhone Radiation” by Daniel T. Debaun [published in the May 26–June 1 edition] itemizes potential sources of EMF radiation from iPhones. It is well-written, factual, and understandable—in other words, worth reading, and heeding. The Epoch Times has previously documented multiple hazards associated with EMF radiation from the current, ongoing installation of 5G towers with radiating antennas in populated neighborhood locations.  Whereas an iPhone user can take steps to minimize his equipment hazards, the neighborhood internet customer is being constantly bombarded with EMF from local cell towers.

Perhaps Mr. Debaun could define this for his readers with a follow-up article—along with recommendations for personal safeguards, assuming any are available and practical. The population’s long-term health liabilities associated with the continuing 5G system implementation are not understood and no environmental impact studies have been proposed. Perhaps establishing liability for potential negative impacts now with the ownership companies would spark some interest. Ongoing litigation related to nuclear waste, asbestos, pesticide, talcum powder, and other products serves to illustrate the folly of ignoring liability for unknown but possibly long-term negative results.


Charles Fischer



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