Hundreds of Abducted Palestinian Protesters Tortured and Abused

Hundreds of Abducted Palestinian Protesters Tortured and Abused

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Torture and abuse of Palestinians is longstanding Israeli practice, children and women treated as abusively as men.

America and Israel operate by their own rules, brutalizing detainees during interrogations and detentions, subjecting them to beatings, painful binding and shackling, swearing, humiliation, denial of food, water, medical treatment and other basic needs, sleep deprivation, isolation under appalling conditions, and other forms of physical violence, torture and abuse.

US media ignore what’s going on, one-sidedly supporting Israel, dismissive of Palestinian rights.

Daily West Bank and Gaza protests continue since Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, a deplorable action, flagrantly violating international and constitutional law, igniting a firestorm in Occupied Palestine and elsewhere in the Arab world.

According to the Palestinian Detainees’ Committee, hundreds of West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem protesters were abducted, tortured, and held captive under appalling conditions since Trump’s declaration, including dozens of children.

Oppressive pre-dawn raids in Palestinian communities increased, homes invaded, ransacked and vandalized, their occupants terrorized, children traumatized, countless arrests made.

Detainees visited by attorneys said they were denied food, water and blankets for 24 hours, along with being tortured and abused.

Soldiers and interrogators labeled them “Trump detainees.” They’re forced to sleep on bear floors without mattresses or covers, subjected to strip searches and other forms of humiliation.

Israel violates international law and its own Basic Laws with impunity.

Its undercover forces, disguised as protesters, wearing face masks and keffiyehs, attacked, assaulted, and arrested Palestinian youths, including young women and children.

Undercover units known as Mista’arvin (disguised as an Arab in Hebrew) infiltrate Palestinian and other Arab populations, speaking Arabic while on missions.

The IDF, police, border guards and Shin Bet have their own undercover units.

Since protests began last week, Israeli security forces set up roadblocks and extra checkpoints, blockaded various villages, towns and refugee camps, terrorizing Palestinians across the West Bank and East Jerusalem, while terror-bombing Gaza this week, risking more war.

Birzeit University and Al-Quds University were invaded and damaged, violent searches conducted, along with signs, flags, books and other material seized.

Palestine Technical College and Palestine Technical University were invaded and assaulted the same way earlier this week.

On Wednesday alone, nearly 400 Palestinians were injured, around 2,300 overall since protests erupted a week ago, eight Palestinians killed, four in Gaza.

They show no signs of ending. Occupied Palestine is a virtual battleground. US media pretend not to notice.


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