Illinois Moves to Confiscate Firearms

Cook County follows in California’s footsteps

Adan Salazar

Police in Cook County, Illinois are demonstrating that, contrary to gun control proponents’ reassurances, a gun registry does eventually and inevitably lead to confiscation.

Last week, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that the Cook County Sheriff’s office has formed a special task force assigned to seek out Cook County suburb residents whose Firearm Owner’s Identification Cards have expired.

Illinois Moves to Confiscate Firearms

“The Chicago Police Department conducts regular missions to recover revoked FOID cards and seize guns from the holders, but there wasn’t a concerted effort to do that in Cook County’s suburbs,” Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart told the Sun-Times.

In February, the team confiscated 160 FOID cards and more than 160 guns from citizens whose cards had been revoked due to any number of circumstances, including newly discovered “mental illnesses,” felonies and protection orders, which morphs their non-violent firearm ownership into unlawful activity.

According to the Sun-Times, Sheriff Dart has influenced the Illinois General Assembly to include language in a new FOID law that gives sheriffs and local police the power to obtain warrants and invade the homes of expired permit holders in order to seek out their firearms.

Dart called the provision a “hammer” which gives police the power to conduct home searches, especially when gun owners insist they aren’t in possession of any firearms.

The Illinois State Police are also handing the Cook County Sheriffs leads, telling them which homes are set to have an FOID card expire and also informing them whether those homes have recently purchased any firearms, a detail which shows up in State Police databases due to a background check run at the time of gun purchases.

In most cases, firearm owners who were legal one minute and deemed “illegal” the next will not be afforded the opportunity to explain their situations.

Cook County Police have essentially initiated an early form of pre-crime previously only witnessed in places like California. They no longer have to wait for these so-called criminals to commit actual crimes.

Instead, gun owners can now be approached so long as they’re labeled “mentally ill,” even if just offhandedly reported by overzealous neighbors for, God forbid, believing in “conspiracy theories,” or if they’ve just returned from a military tour of duty and are diagnosed as having PTSD.

Many believe persecuting gun owners one by one using a registry, rather than going door-to-door, will be the template followed in the event that a more concerted national effort goes under way.

This latest effort to masquerade authoritarian gun control as a mere public safety measure is exactly the way it is done in California, where since 2007 gun repo teams have been knocking on gun owners’ doors in hopes to retrieve their weaponry.

Despite what gun control advocates, like the Director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Mark Glaze, attempt to lead Americans to believe, a gun registry inevitably leads to gun confiscation, and in the event of national emergencies, such as witnessed during Hurricane Katrina, homes appearing on these registries will undoubtedly be the first ones to have their firearms taken.

See below how, in the event of a national emergency, the government would like everyone to be disarmed, obedient slaves.

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