Video footage appears to show a police officer striking a man with a baton at London’s St. Pancras International station after he refuses to comply with instructions to get on the floor.

The footage, shot on Tuesday, shows a man shouting “I am not a criminal” while asking two British Transport Police officers why he was being asked to get on the ground.

“Because I told you,” one of the officers can be heard shouting.

The man, who is 40 and from the Thamesmead neighborhood in London, says repeatedly “I am going with you,” but fails to comply with their order to get down. One of the officers can then be seen hitting the man on the legs with a baton and pushing him through the station.

The officers subsequently arrested the man on suspicion of fare evasion and two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm, a police spokesperson said in statement. The man has since been released on bail.

The video was uploaded to Facebook by Showan Abu on Tuesday evening. Abu wrote: “Today at St Pancras International. I don’t know what the commuter actually did, but the police was trying to arrest him.


“He said to the police officers ‘do not treat [me] like a criminal, I will go with you’ yet they decided to hit him. Make your own mind about the situation. Please share!!”

As of Thursday afternoon, Abu’s post has been shared more than 3,200 times.