Impossible Vanishing Stars Could Indicate Highly Developed Extraterrestrial Civilizations

Arthur C. Clarke was known for saying “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

If you were to be taken away by a time traveler from the past to the present, you see modern technologies such as wireless devices, airplanes and even artificial light probably as sorcery.

Astronomers from the University of Uppsala in Sweden apply now the same principle in the search for highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations by searching for sorcery in the evening sky.

Far Beyond

They scan the sky in search of stars that suddenly disappear inexplicably. A star that disappears may indicate the presence of a highly sophisticated technology that goes far beyond our imagination.

Earlier this year a bizarre star hit the headlines surrounded a ‘alien megastructure‘, according to some astronomers. Which would be used to provide a highly developed alien civilization energy.

Many Developed

So far, the team at Uppsala University has analyzed 300,000 light sources. A number of candidates are already selected that need to be investigated any further.

What if we find evidence of technologies that stars can disappear? An extraterrestrial civilization which do the impossible is much more developed than us.

Check the video below about the quest:

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