In a World Where Cops Shoot First, Should Combat Robots Take Over?

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Waiting just 45 minutes after negotiating for 2 hours with Micah Xavier Johnson, Dallas Police Chief David Brown gave the order to his SWAT team to “come up with a creative plan to neutralize the suspect without putting another officer in the line of fire.”

By this time the police had been mocked, lied to, laughed at and they had had enough. Brown explained that his “extraordinary” officers “improvised” the idea of using a robot within a quarter of an hour.

The robot used by Dallas police is called the Remotec Androx Mark V A-1. It is manufactured by military defense contractor Northurp Grumman .

This robot cost the department $151,000 back in 2008 when they acquired it.

Chief Brown told the media that using this robot “was the only viable choice” and from a legal perspective, using a robot to kill a suspect could be tantamount to using a gun for the same purpose; however the ethical aspect of this case is sobering.

Police having the ability to remotely kill could become a problem if utilized more because of our current policing culture’s tendency toward violence.

And this new development raises several important questions , according to strategist and author, PW Singer.

Singer points out that robots are used “all the time” by SWAT teams and bomb squads; and have even been used “in standoffs with armed gunmen” before. The only difference with those examples is that “none of these involved” killing the suspect.

Peter Asaro, co-founder of the International Committee for Robot Arms Control (ICRAC) explained that the “increased weaponization of robots that the police use” is what everyone is concerned about because this type of device “is used by the military in combat situations.”

Asaro said: “Once, I think, police departments have these kinds of weapons in their arsenal, it provides the opportunity to use them in a lot of different kinds of scenarios.”

And because of this caveat, the debate over killer robots is linked to the Dallas shooting. Right-wing media outlets have not let this crisis go to waste by publishing articles about the robotic implications and using fear-mongering in the process.

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