Indonesia Cracks Down on Santoso’s IS Linked Terrorist Group

nsnbc : Indonesian police and military killed two members of an Islamic State associated terrorist group led by Santoso during an ongoing crackdown against the group that has Chinese Uyghur Islamists among its ranks.

Luhut Binsar Panjaitan. Photo Karya Senderi CC 4.0

Luhut Binsar Panjaitan. Photo Karya Senderi CC 4.0

Two members of the terrorist group led by “Santoso” have been shot dead in Indonesia’s Poso District in Central Sulawesi Province. The two were killed during an ongoing joint police – military crackdown, said Coordinating Minister for Political Affairs Luhut Binsar Panjaitan to the press.

The Minister added that the Tinombala Operation is going well and that security officers were still identifying the two terrorists. Some of the officers reportedly sustained injuries during the operation but no details were released.

The operation aims at hunting down the Santoso, the leader of the terrorist group. Santoso has previously used social media to pledge allegiance to the self-proclaimed Islamic State and called on Indonesians and people internationally to come and join the struggle.

Police and military also use the operation to spread awareness about the group among local communities as part of an outreach against radicalized Islamists.

The group led by Santoso has reportedly Islamist Chinese Uyghur among its ranks. Uyghur Islamists with ties to the Islamic State and according to some records to Turkish intelligence and terrorist networks have previously been involved in terrorist attacks in the region, including a bombing in Thailand.

Minister Luhut urged all members of Santosos terror group to surrender and return to their motherland, saying that the members of Santosos group are still Indonesian citizens. If they surrender, we will take good care of them. Meanwhile, the Indonesian Police Chief General Badrodin Haiti said that the shootout to besiege Santoso occurred in Napu Valley. Badrodin added that the operation will be continued to cripple the strength of Santoso in Poso.

Two terrorists of the Santoso-led mujahideen who had been shot dead in Napu, Poso District, on March 15, were identified as Nuretin alias Abdul and Magalasi Bahtusan alias Farok, were of Uyghur ethnicity of China. The two had reportedly joined the group after Santoso made his announcement on social media, calling all Indonesians to join him in the fight to help ISIS by participating in a training in Posos forests.

F/AK  – nsnbc 23.03.2016

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