Infowars Nightly News: The Vaccine Cover-Up Implodes, OnStar Spying & More

Paul Joseph Watson
September 21, 2011

With the vaccine cover-up imploding as a result of national attention brought to the Gardasil issue by presidential candidates Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann, Alex welcomes Dr. Andrew Wakefield in studio to discuss the massive health risks associated with dangerous inoculations, as the establishment media and the pharmaceutical lobby launch another mass hoax in claiming that HPV shots are “wonderfully safe” when the CDC’s own figures show over 18,000 adverse reactions.

Alex also delves into the history of the Rockefeller Foundation’s promotion and funding of the HPV vaccine. Why would elitists who openly advocate draconian population reduction measures be trusted to create vaccines that have led to thousands of illnesses and scores of deaths in the case of the HPV shot alone? In a related matter, Alex delves into why cancer has risen despite billions in research and a bevy of vaccines supposedly designed to prevent the illness.

Alex will also discuss today’s admission by OnStar that from December 1 they will be selling customer data to anyone they choose, even if the customer cancels the service.

“What’s changed [is that if] you want to cancel your OnStar service, we are going to maintain a two-way connection to your vehicle unless the customer says otherwise,” an OnStar representative told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Of course, one of the primary target markets for this data will be law enforcement, with OnStar passing on GPS coordinates of its customers over lengthy periods of time, allowing authorities to build a complete dossier on the individual, representing a total violation of the 4th Amendment.

“Personal GPS location information, speed, safety belt usage, and other information can be sold to third parties, including law enforcement,” writes forensic scientist Jonathan Zdziarski. “To add insult to a slap in the face, the company insists they will continue collecting and selling this personal information even after you cancel your service, unless you specifically shut down the data connection to the vehicle after canceling.”

In our regular “man on the street” feature, we get the American public’s reaction to the recent announcement by the NFL, spurred by its relationship with Homeland Security, that fans attending football games will be subject to airport-style grope downs.

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12 Responses to “Infowars Nightly News: The Vaccine Cover-Up Implodes, OnStar Spying More”

  1. OnSpy. Well, guess they don’t fear a French Revolution type deal — where the American ppl get really mad — and just take over — a new Government is put in place — and start executing sectors of spies and traitors.

    Guess they don’t figure that a massive revolution will ever happen — and that OnSpy might not have been a good business model — under the new Government of the people.


  2. Continually disseminating Information about [governmental etc.] wrongs and wrongdoers without also providing a clear course of action to straighten out, correct and prevent future wrongs and the need to punish the wrongdoers is like talking to a someone that is asleep and hoping they will respond lucidly to the your words.

    Yet, many are awakening now and realizing that they must act if their way of life is to be preserved. Everyone knows that actions speak louder than words. It is now time for action! Unlike talking, more action is needed! If you are willing to take action read on?

    The technology now exists that will allow every constituent of every elected official to participate directly in the governing process alongside their representatives. Implementing a “People’s Branch” of government is a reasonable, non-violent, way to make government less corrupt, less wasteful, more transparent, more accountable, more fair and equitable. Everyone is for better government. Now there is a realistic way to achieve it. As our name implies the key is at: ThePeoplesBranch(dot)org

    There has never been a greater need for the political solution(s) provided by The People’s Branch. No one is saying it is going to be easy. But neither was civil rights or the women’s suffrage movement, etc., etc. Talk is cheep, if you want improvement then take action and get involved in the political solution. You, your family and future generations can appreciate this positive change.

  3. Infowars Nightly News: The Vaccine Cover-Up Implodes, OnStar Spying More

    Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed
    .divinecosmos (dot) com/start-here/davids-blog/975-undergroundbases

    80 different countries have now formed an alliance against the Old World Order / Nazi-esque cabal.

    Two huge underground cities were destroyed on August 23rd — which may be seen by historians as the critical moment in which the war was won.

    [UPDATED next morning 9:32 am. Credible insider source confirms these accounts and adds new information! Please link to this article but do not re-post it, as it is being dynamically updated as events unfold. Posting key excerpts with the link is encouraged.

    UPDATED Monday 9/19. New info from Fulford. 87 countries are now onboard. Poland meeting was apparently disinfo.

    UPDATED Wednesday 9/21. No radioactivity was found in either of the bases. Method of attack still unknown. Damage is so extreme there will be no effort to access them. Scroll to bottom of article for more.]

    • Yeah so rather than have extra room for the many they would rather destroy than save lives if something should happen. “They really don’t care about us!!!” Meanwhile the Germans and Turks are building like crazy to help their people should something happen. 5000 new DUMB’s for their population. Something big is coming.

  4. Something BIG is coming..

    GOOGLE: Governments/Corporations of the World Taking Vacations at the End of September

    HotBedInfo dot com

  5. God bless you guys, Wakefield is on of the most feared men by the international money men of anyone on earth. Check out his Wikipedia article, but don’t try to edit it, i warn you. Find out for yourself, full 24/7 edit blocking and libel against him.

    In my opinion that site is controlled by operatives, and dominated by sponsored editors, so it’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

    Thank you Dr. Wakefield, 90% of the people who are against you are probably fake as well. Operatives of the vaccine industry or military.

  6. Watch out for the new Hyundia cars which have a tracking system too. It s called Bulelnk”. You cam start your car, lock or unlck your car, and even turn on your air conditioning from any internet computer connection. They tell you things like if you lock your keys in your car you will be able to unlock it from even your cell phone. Hyunda fails to mention how they will teack your every move.

  7. Yup, the courts are the meat n potatoes of this ‘nwo’.

    That’s what is the culmination of the freemasonic, kabbalistic, zionistic, eugenisting, ideas out there, the order of the priests of power, and the judicial system, the law system, is their power. They enforce the will of the ‘masters’, they are the ones who create and uphold ‘the system’.

    They are a perversion of the druidic order. Sure, they are eoteric and value many many truths as do the druids, but they are arrogant, and have created a system of power idolatry. Why?, because power is awesome for the 1% who get to possess it, and this one percent has held its ratio for thousands of years.

    You can call it phycosis, and you would be right, but if you were in their shoes the fear and folly of revolting against it and the addictive drunken high of simply being of it would more than likely conquer most. And I’m just talking about the ‘thinkers’ that are here, nevermind the masses who never use their minds.

    The masons build, the masons are concrete and lasting. The druids did not build, the druids were esoteric always, priincipaled, and did not write or construct, because they knew it would lead to this. To build and construct either buildings or money systems or social legislation or governments or bibles took the wisdom out and increased the power by a million percent. The druids taught for 20 years its students, each lesson HAD TO BE an experience. Our masonic world is all knowledge and zero wisdom.

  8. CALL 803-286-9948


  9. ★ Ron Paul 2012 ★ write his name in if need be

    * i found an Awesome site for NEWS-JUNKIES that are AWAKE

    go to

    or click my name for link (bigbrother13)

  10. this is good — its about time this happened
    please give this the dep of health – this is the # where they give the vaccinations
    they say there is a law

  11. Keep it up infowars! Help wake the masses!

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