Insane Peter Nolan threatening to declare WAR on all wimminz!

Loopy writes some pretty weird rants to the MEN on his e-mail but this one is pretty much the very top of a pile of steaming turds of hatred sent out over cyberspace by a psychopath who has obviously long lost any grip on reality.You see, Loopy Pete cares nothing for other MEN or their rights – Loopy Pete’s only campaign is to get his own meglomaniacal way.


A few months back His Loopiness declared WAR on the Republic of Ireland … whatever that actually means is anyone’s guess, but his laughable delusions were reported in the Irish media.

Now His Deludedness is threatening to wage WAR on all women in Australian and the Republic of Eire … except for Originies and Muslims, of course … err, yeah …

So there you go all you inspiring serial killers – go slaughter as many women as you like and just say it was an act in Loopy Pete’s war … he’ll spring you from jail … honest …

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