International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People: a reflection

Today is International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. 

Today is a reminder that the Palestinian people are grounded in Palestine’s fragrant jasmine and in the beauty of the anemones and wild flowers that embroider her flowing fields. 

A reminder that we are a proud people humbled as we lay our heads on the shoulders of our ancient and nurturing olive trees, feeling the power of resilience stemming from their unshakable roots and reverberating through every cell in our bodies. 

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A reminder that it is in the echos of Palestine’s valleys we hear life’s poetry and in her spring creeks the melodies of our song. 

A reminder that under the shade of the ‘Areesheh, on the top branches of fig, mulberry and citrus trees, in the warmth of the Taboon and in the art of ka’ek Al Quds our generosity and hospitality flourish. 

Our Palestine, our narrative and our history are not a mere 73 years.

Our ancestors cradled the earth and created the pottery with which they watered generations from the waters of the Jordan River and Tiberius lake. On plates of clay they fed generations from the depths of Red and Mediterranean Seas, and cleansed and enriched their bodies from the minerals of our Jericho’s Dead Sea. Traditions and flavors passed down generation after generation.

Let this be a reminder that we are not defined by our oppressors and colonizers or their labels. We haven’t, don’t and won’t seek permission to exist, resist and defend our people and our land. 

Hundreds of Palestinian villages leveled, thousands upon thousands of homes demolished, thousands murdered and imprisoned and millions displaced. None of these, however, define the Palestinian people; they define our colonizers. The Palestinian people are not a byproduct of imperialism, occupation and apartheid, we are the indigenous immovable boulder in their path. 

No one can erase Palestine because Palestine is in each of us. We are extensions of her water, land and air – generations upon generations strong. 

Today and always I remember, I reflect, I cry, I rejoice and I am humbled by the strength, heart, determination, beauty and achievements of my people; the Palestinian people. 

We will be free. 

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