Interview 1678 – The Great Conspiracy Debate on Grand Theft World

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Old discussions from 2014: Both perspectives complement each other – the far-reaching backwards and the contemporary. Both have their justification as cause and effect yin and yang. The present emphasizes the events of the present and the effect that it has on more and more people who, after reaching the limit of their cognitive dissonance, are finally starting to wake up. The far-reaching backstory emphasizes the deep, underlying, historical contexts that create the events that people wake up to. Both perspectives are useful for becoming wiser about the world, provide varying degrees of understanding (what the contemporary perspective lacks, one gets from the historical perspective) and options for action (the contemporary perspective wins here because people have an easier time understanding that ISIS [ or Corona] is bullshit than that the whole historical narrative of the twentieth century is BS).

People’s awakening did not occur from one day to the next, but people became aware of the deeper historical contexts after several years of study. Most woke up due to anomalies that one could not close one’s eyes to (ie waking up, if I may say so, in the contemporary perspective), and that the realizations of the deeper contexts only came much later.
The problem arises only if one can only accept one perspective and not the other.

Whether 9/11 was a 100% Zionist operation or not, it is not necessary to know the blueprint at the architect level to realize that the official story of 9/11 is a lie – we only need to see that official stories at the Working Level (19 kidnappers, etc.) are not connected, and then work us backwards. In fact, it’s the way most people wake up. The best teacher is not always the most advanced, but the one who can facilitate awakening in the next short step of recognizing the person’s stage at the right time. If the gap is too large, then he does not take the next step on the way out of ‘The Matrix’.

If, for example. talking about elites’ depopulation plans, most people become alienated and cognitively dissonant, and many lose instantly, whereas claims about media lies will not cause cognitive dissonance to the same degree (of course depending on where the person is mentally, ie to what extent he is ‘outside the box’ in advance).

The same issue about levels and The Blind Men and the Elephant
Whether the truth about the architectural level is this or that, will this help people wake up most effectively, whether it is one or the other?

We do not need to initially acknowledge the architectural top cause level first, to realize THAT the working level is terribly wrong: THAT Fractional Reserve banking is going on, THAT 5G is insane, THAT false flags are going on, THAT media is lying, etc. – which brings us to the next point:

Buddhist Parable on The Poisoned Arrow – An Analogy, i.e. architectural level about who is the kingpin in the conspiracy sphere, where the same principle applies: First, you do not need to know everything about the poison, let alone quite a lot to act on the immediate:

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