Interview 1875 – James Corbett Breaks The Spell of the Global Conspiracy

They built up America to be their world police, and Americans we right along, but now that they have their control, having used us to destroy Germany, Japan, Libya, Iraq, as well as other told and untold nations/peoples, they immediately started to the process of dismantling the weapon America had become. Why is it again we spend more than anyone on a military when our borders are wide open?

I always like to look at the US Auto industry and a perfect example of these globalist’s ability to rig the system to undermine the common man, whom they despise. They needed a strong American industry to build up a military who could take on Germany and Japan, their pathetic Bolshevik Russia and England could not do it alone. So, they funded America’s growth, just to the point it suited their ends, then they reversed course, no appreciation will you find from this ilk, we are just cattle to them.

Nevertheless, early on they already planted the poison pills, NATO, the UN, Federal Reserve, Wall Street Hollywood, Federal Taxes, just to name a few…structures/systems that would be skillfully used to first build up, then dismantle America (the West as well). America in the 1960’s was the envy of the world, but as we entered into the 70’s things were changing, leadership of Detroit was engineering bigger and bigger cars, using more and more gas. At the same time, the government was doing its part requiring bumpers, which sound like a fine idea, but I don’t think they ever have our safety in mind, just made cars even bigger and heavier.

Then we have the totally orchestrated “oil Crisis”, and America auto industry is totally caught off guard and vulnerable. But on the other side of the globe, Germany, Italy and especially Japan, once totally destroyed by the “Allies”, were rebuilt, now simply vassal states, it was safe to let THESE nation flourish once again, so we built them up, and “coincidently”, they were building cars that were ready for an oil crisis, a perfect storm if you will to give foreign car makers an in into the American market.

Simultaneously, the US government “helped” US Auto makers by mandating smog controls and fuel efficiency standards…by the end of it all, we had the K-car, while Japan had the Honda accord.

And who was to blame for the failings in the American car industry, “UNIONS” of course!!!

This is the PERFECT example of the limitless control they have over our system and how they use that control oh so methodically to move peoples and nations up or down, to match their endless global machinations. I don’t believe in consequences, I believe in conspiracies.

Right now, they are moving to destroy all avenues of employment in America. I suppose they see it as a race against time, if they can weaken us enough before their actions wake enough of us up, they win.


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