Invaders Burn Hall over Ramadan Food

German police have arrested two Moroccan invaders pretending to be asylum seekers in Düsseldorf after they burned down an invader accommodation because the Ramadan food portions were “too small.”

The invaders set fire to the Düsseldorf exhibition center on the outskirts of the city where they and 130 other nonwhites were being housed and fed.


According to the Bild newspaper, the invaders led a protest group consisting of most of the nonwhites in the center against the “too small” food portions being prepared for the end of the fasting period each day.

According to an official police report, there had been “tension” at the invader center because of “food distribution at Ramadan.”

The police said “some devout [Muslim] residents were disturbed” by the fact that the food to be distributed at the end of the Ramadan fast was too small, and that the authorities had refused to open up the kitchen and make food for the nonwhites in the middle of the night when the fast ended.

“A group led by Mohammed B. was responsible for the initial flare up,” the police said.


Mohammed B. is arrested.

After several protests, Mohammed B. poured flammable liquid all over the bedding in the hall, and set fire to it.

The flames quickly enveloped the building, and burned the entire center down, causing some €10 million damage.

Smoke from the conflagration rose thousands of feet into the air, and at one stage even affected the flight paths of airliners landing at Düsseldorf airport. The exhibition hall was completely destroyed.


After setting the fire, police said, Mohammed B. told his fellow protestors that now that they had burned the hall, they would get even better accommodation and more food.

The two arrested invaders were already under investigation for having entered Germany with forged identity papers, claiming to be “Syrians.”

Both suspects are, according to the police, members of a criminal gang who have been responsible for several fights and disputes at the hall prior to the arson.

Another nonwhite from this same group was known to the police for numerous drug offenses and pickpocketing, they added, saying that police units had been called out to the exhibition hall some 89 times since January 2016, and there were 34 ongoing serious investigations.

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