INVENTOR of mRNA says Vaccinated People are Shedding, Twitter ‘Doctors’ Fact Check and Ban his Account



Twitter deleted a tweet by mRNA technology pioneer Dr. Luigi Warren about viral shedding, a concept referring to the process of the body releasing viral particles due to a vaccine and potentially causing a risk of infection to others. The platform did not provide a reason for deleting the tweet and restricting the mRNA technology expert.

“I believe the ‘shedding’ idea is that the vaccinated shed spike protein, not virus. And, it’s certainly true that people vaccinated with mRNA vaccines shed spike protein, but in miniscule amounts that almost certainly can’t cause disease/malaise in others,” Luigi Warren wrote on Twitter on May 26.

Luigi Warren, currently the CEO and President of California-based biotech firm Cellular Reprogramming, and Derrick Rossi, co-founder of Moderna, are considered pioneers of mRNA technology.

Holy fucking shit! Why isn’t Twitter sanctioned internationally at this point?? How can the inventor of mRNA vaccines be “fact checked” by Twitter??? WTF is wrong with USA and why are CEOs of corporations basically given immunity, full powers to do anything they want? Are there any doctors working at Twitter? Are there any doctors working at those fact checker websites like Snopes? We’re willing to bet you $1 million there is not a single doctor working for them.

And now even if there were 10 doctors working for them, and not just 1 but 10, that wouldn’t make them experts in all fields of medicine or the bosses who rule over all other doctors of the world with an iron fist, uncontested, and what they speak is fact and what others speak is quack quack quack! Holy fucking shit, how the fuck have we ended up in such a nightmare-ish world? Everything is retarded and illogical nowadays… so because that’s the case, we’ve turned this into a comedy to put a smile on your face:

You ain’t know sheit muddafuka! I be fact checkin yo ass and you wuz wrong dumb ass cuz I say so!! Stop shedding conspiracy theories and sheit!

Man shut fuck up with your ratched ass inventions, I be inventin Twitter and sheit! I iz da kang ova here on Twiter! Yeee! I show yo ass who is correct and sheit, yo be banned now muddafucka!!! Yeeeeee!

Hope you enjoyed that little comedy we had with Jack Dorsey.

Luigi was banned on Twitter as you can see in the screenshot above. Somehow he managed to get his account back though…

Others aren’t so lucky to get their accounts back…

Imagine if social media and fact checkers existed back in the day…

This is like a incarnation into real life of the best movie ever IDIOCRACY.

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