IPCC BUSTED: Black Contrails Prove Climate Engineering and Deliberate Warming

The UN/IPCC Deception – Black Contrails Evidence of Deliberate Climate Warming

See the archive collection of Black contrail videos [Multiple Video Collection] and [ Mike Decker Wyoming Collection]

IPCC Scientist, Joyce Penner, PhD. (Source)

“Contrails tend to warm the Earth’s surface, similar to thin high clouds”.

“The contrails that are spreading, would tend to warm the atmosphere.”

Patent US9518965 – Rolls-Royce, Plc., 2016  (Source)

“The attempted hiding of vapour trails through introducing black carbon into the aircraft engine effluent (U.S. Pat. No. 3,289,409A) results in additional emissions of a species (black carbon) which is known to have an environmental warming impact.” (Media Slide)

Contrail-Cirrus and Their Potential for Regional Climate Change (AMS-1997) (Source)

Below is only one of dozens of videos that document the smoking gun of deliberate climate warming – incontrovertible evidence that totally undermines the IPCC narrative of carbon dioxide induced “climate change”.

How Will the FAA/EPA/NASA Explain Black and Brown Contrails When Scientists Have Always Described Them as “White”?

Jet contrails have always been described by NASA, NOAA and EPA as white lines in the sky but many observers are documenting black, brown and “dirty colored” emissions that defy the scientific description of contrails as white “ice crystals”.

The frequency of black and “dirty contrails” is increasing as northern latitudes have experienced a brutal winter freeze.  All this just as climate scientists are finally admitting earth temperatures could drop, “perhaps for as many as 50 years” as a result of the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM).  If the “science is settled”, how did the IPCC models fail to consider the consequences of global cooling even as the GSM was underway with the “fastest decline in solar activity in 9,300 years”.

Will Global Cooling Stop David Keith’s Geoengineering Plan to Spray the Skies?

We can expect the geoengineers to work with the IPCC warmists to minimize the consequences of up to 50 years of global cooling with propaganda and untested climate models. We can also expect an increase in black contrails and reverse-geoengineering strategies to delay the effects of the coming mini ice-age in order to lock-in a global carbon tax.

Look for the geoengineers to dismiss global cooling as a minimal and temporary fluke while continuing to promote polluting the skies as an uncontrolled experiment they claim cannot be stopped for over a hundred years.  This dangerous “climate hostage” scenario allows global corporations and elitist UN policy-makers to take full control of the earth’s atmosphere and environment without regulation, oversight or public comment.

Contrail Ice Crystals Have Always Been Described as White

NASA – Museum In a Box (PDF)

“The first of the three, Short-Lived Contrails, appear as short white lines” (Pg 3)

“Persistent (Non-Spreading) Contrails are presented as long white lines that remain visible long after the airplane has passed.” (Pg. 4)

Scientific American:  Why Do Jets Leave a White Trail in the Sky?

“Jets leave white trails, or contrails, in their wakes for the same reason you can sometimes see your breath.”

“When the contrails are visible and strong, it is possible to see the white streaks become wavy and then leave rings floating high in the sky, like smoke rings from a giant cigar.”

The increasing appearance of  black, brown and “dirty” contrails has been ignored by NASA, NOAA , EPA and the IPCC.

The agencies charged with oversight and testing of the atmosphere have abandoned their duty to publish a warning on this environmental pollution. Meanwhile, lazy corporate media ignores clear evidence of the black contrail environmental pollution while they continue to denigrate documented evidence of unusual aircraft emissions as a “conspiracy theory”.

Contrail mitigation strategies 1966 and 2016

Source Article from https://chemtrailsplanet.net/2018/02/13/ipcc-busted-black-contrails-prove-climate-engineering-and-deliberate-warming/

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