Iran FM: Our neighbors have right to know what’s going on in Vienna

Iran FM: Our neighbors have right to know what’s going on in Vienna – Tehran%20Times

TEHRAN — Speaking upon his arrival at Tehran late on Tuesday, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian said Iran informs its neighbors about what is going on in the Vienna talks.

Amir Abdollahian went on to raise issues related to the Vienna talks in the capitals of Oman and Qatar, saying that Iran informs its friends in the region about the Vienna talks.
“They, as our neighbors, have the right to know what is going on between Iran and P4+1 in Vienna,” he added.

The Iranian top diplomat noted that according to Iran, the achievements of Iran in peaceful uses of nuclear technology can be made available to all countries in the region and Muslim countries.

“Some of our partners in the Vienna talks are trying to cause concern to some of the neighbors by misreporting the news, but one of our goals in these talks and trips is to include them in our narrative of the Vienna talks and our friends in the region also give us advice that helps in the negotiation process,” he added.

Regarding the achievement of his regional trip to Doha, Amir Abdollahian said that talks on various issues of Iran-Qatar relations were one of the topics of discussion.

According to the foreign minister, a group of Iranian ministers are scheduled to travel to Doha in the coming days at the invitation of the Qatari government. 

“Trade, economic and cooperation issues in the field of technology and various areas of interest to both parties, including health and containment of coronavirus in Qatar, will be the most important topics of the trip, considering the experiences of Iran and Qatar,” he noted. 

“We should not resolve the region’s problems through force, militarism and hegemony,” Amir Abdollahian asserts. 

Iran’s chief diplomat added that due to emergence of a strong wave of coronavirus in Qatar in recent days, Iran has announced its readiness to assist in this regard.

The foreign minister stated, “Dialogue and cooperation on important regional issues was another focus of the visit, and the Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly presented ideas to strengthen the process of cooperation and dialogue leading to cooperation in the Persian Gulf region, and the Emir of Qatar is one of the top regional officials who have always welcomed the ideas put forward by Iran.”

Amir Abdollahian added that Iran believes that the solution to some crises in the region is simply to focus on a political solution.

“We should not resolve the region’s problems through force, militarism and hegemony, and the experience of recent years has shown this is not beneficial to the region,” he asserted. 

According to the foreign minister, Iran, as a major country in the region, always has a fundamental role in any solution. 

Whether in the fight against ISIS or in any regional dialogue, Iran is on the good side of developments and plays a constructive role, the chief diplomat remarked.

Referring to Iran’s support for any initiative that contributes to stability, security and development in the region, Amir Abdollahian said, “Today we heard good points from the

Emir of Qatar in this regard and he also has good views for the development of comprehensive regional cooperation and we also support these ideas.”

The foreign minister expressed hope that the region would be more on the path of growth, development and cooperation.


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