Iraq Closer To Expelling US Terrorist Occupation Troops After Murder By Drone In Busy Neighborhood

It has been proved to anyone with a brain except those who’s head and brain are shoved up their own ass, Israel and Israel controlled US politicians and military officers did 9-11.

If you had family members die in the War of Terror based on the false flag of 9-11, they died for the Rothschild’s private fiefdom located in illegally occupied Palestine.

It has been proved there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the lie the US/DC told to “justify” the illegal terrorist invasion and bombing Iraq back to the Stone Age, Holocausting unknown number but probably a million or more innocent Iraqi civilians, the US political whores do not even try to pretend anymore Iraq had weapons of Mass. destruction.

Besides, what the hell do you call the US’s nukes and Israels illegal Nuclear Weapons?

Now the US which still has about 2,500 occupation troops in Iraq which Iraq voted years back had to leave.
US just told Iraq f##k you, we are not leaving!

Now US has again murdered an Iraqi military leader because “Iran” supports them”.

Iraq’s military commander in chief called out US’s war crime murder the “blatant assassination” of an Iranian-backed militia leader “in the heart of a residential neighborhood” in Baghdad, which could have killed many bystanders.The statement underscored that the US has shown “no regard for civilian lives or international laws.”

US is also illegally occupying the oil fields of Syria so as to steal Syrians oil

and the US terrorist troops in Iraq are supporting logistically the occupation terrorist troops in syria.

Any American who supports these illegal occupations and murders by the US’s military are treasonous ass holes with no morals, no honor, and no understanding the US Empire is dying, the days are numbered when the US can use bombs and murder to force their criminal will on foreign sovereign countries as well as using Americans as tax slaves and cannon fodder in wars for the Rothschilds.

When there is no longer a US military to stop all the millions and millions of people around the world get some pay back, those who have had family members murdered by the US based on bald face lies and false flags, you think the world is just going to say that’s ok, we forgive you?

You ignorant arrogant stupid dumb fuck!

Evil always comes home to roost!

The Ole Dog!


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