Iraq: Suicide attack on Shiite pilgrims – again many innocent victims

On last Saturday, many Shiite pilgrims in Iraq traveled to the (for them) holy city of Karbala to end their mourning period for Imam Hussein Ali within this Iraqi city. Imam Hussein bin Ali was a grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, who died in the year 680 at the Battle of Karbala – in the fight against the Sunni fighters.

The pilgrimage to the Iraqi city of Karbala in commemorates the Imam Hussein bin Ali is held annually by many Shiites. In the past, again and again there have been attacks on the Shiite pilgrims at this pilgrimage to Karbala, so again this year. The sad result of the latest attack on Shiite pilgrims: 60 dead and over 100 people injured.

The suicide attack happened in the southern Iraqi city of Basra on last Saturday. The victims were on their way to their holy city of Karbala when they were attacked on their pilgrimage route. A suicide attack on these pilgrims costs the lives of many innocent people – again. Despite enormous security precautions, the bloody attack could not be prevented.

Some sources say that the suicide bomber was disguised as an Iraqi policemen and that could be the reason, why this suicide bomber was able to come naturally very close to the Shiite pilgrims, even get into their middle.

Other sources do not tell that this suicide bomber was dressed as an Iraqi policeman. These sources say that this suicide bomber has distributed biscuits to the Shiite pilgrims before he caused the explosion between the pilgrims.

This suicide bomber decided to cause the awful explosion when the real Iraqi police approached him. According to the data from the Iraqi security sources, also women and children were among this sad suicide bombing in Iraq.

Unfortunately this was not the only explosion and suicide attack on last Saturday in Iraq. Another attack occurred in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

Near the Iraqi city of Mosul, three policemen were killed by a car bomb. This last weekend was again an example of the brutality and insecurity within Iraq.

In this multi-ethnic state, Iraq, Sunnis and Shiites not only fight against each other on the streets or not only from religious convictions and / or religious fanaticism, but they also fight against each other for political ambitions.

The sad and awful struggle between Sunnis and Shiites runs up into the highest echelons of the Iraqi government. Within the Iraqi government, the Sunnis also fight against the Shiites. Al-Maliki and his Shiite alliance are trying to increase and to strengthen the power of his religious group and his own person.

It seems like they are trying to take revenge on the Sunnis, because the Sunnis were clearly preferred under the Iraqi administration of Saddam Hussein. The hatred between the two religious groups explodes again and again into violence and dastardly attacks. Attacks, which should not happen between this religious groups.

During the so-called “liberation war” by NATO troops, almost all Christians were driven out from Iraq. The Christians, who are still in Iraq, are not living in safety and have to fear daily for their lives.

It was clear from the beginning, that there will be such massive clashes between Sunnis and Shiites and that the Christian minority will have to fear such a period of danger. Of course, the responsible people of NATO, UN and United States knew this also.

But those are not the things, which interested the world police USA. You see this also with Afghanistan, Libya and sadly enough, also with Syria.

The United States are primarily interested only in the protection of important resources. The US administration is also interested in “turning off” of unpleasant rulers, because these unwelcome “rulers” are not “flexible and willing” enough. The US is also interested in the production of useful chaos and destabilization.

Due to the current dominance of Shiites in the Iraqi government, the U.S. has to observe with more and more concern, how the Iraq approaches to Iran and to its other neighbor state, Syria. This means, the Iraq started to support the Syrian government and president Bashar al-Assad. Something which is not the way the AIPAC-driven U.S. administration wants it to be.

With their new arms trade, the U.S. government risks a civil war within Iraq. Maybe they also know about this. Who would be surprised in the end? This arms deal between the USA and Iraq is also criticized by some members of the U.S. government, at least in some parts of the United States administration.

The weapons deal between U.S. and Iraq is not only about big weapons, but also about “normal” handguns. As an argument for this, which finally sounds less convincing, the responsible members of the U.S. administration say, that the Iraqi government would get itself weapons, no matter from which side. So why should the U.S. government miss such a chance to get some money when the Iraqi government would buy weapons at all events?

Of course, the U.S. government prefers to make such an arms deal, because the money is a benefit for the upturn, especially in this election year. Barack Obama needs some money to solve problems at home somehow, beside financially support all the wars abroad. Not to mention the financial crisis. So arms deal with Saudi Arabia and Iraq are OK with Barack Obama – someone who owns a Peace Noble Prize- surprisingly enough.

Did we mention that we like Ron Paul to become the next President of the United States? Maybe he will also change then… ..but maybe he`s at least a bit better than a Barack Obama in disguise?

Who cares then, that the economic upturn is based on arms sales and might force new war zones. The U.S. administrations under Bush and Obama never cared about eventually civil wars abroad – as long as they succeed with their questionable Foreign Policy, also partly ruled by AIPAC, other Lobbies and dubious interests.

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