Is Negative Huntsman Video Attributed to Paul Supporters a False Flag?

Kurt Nimmo
January 7, 2012

A YouTube video posing as a political ad is the latest effort to chip away at candidate Ron Paul’s rising popularity. The video shows candidate John Huntsman talking Chinese to his adopted daughter and questions his patriotism.

Huntsman was U.S. ambassador to China before entering the GOP race. He has trailed in the race behind Paul, Romney and Santorum.

Ron Paul responded to criticism by stating that he had nothing to do with the video. “I couldn’t even hear it, haven’t looked at it, but people do that, and they do it in all campaigns,” Paul said on Friday.

While the establishment media makes it appear the video is the work of dangerous Ron Paul supporters – invariably characterized as kooks, libertarian fanatics, or truthers – research by The End Run website reveals that the video may be a false flag possibly created by the Huntsman campaign itself:

The video was uploaded by a user called “NHLiberty4Paul” on Wednesday, January 4.  A quick look at the user’s channel page (archived here as a backup) shows that the account was created the exactly same day that the video was uploadedThis brand new, anonymous user has, of course, zero other uploads.

Furthermore, according to the publicly-viewable stats provided by YouTube, the very first place this video was posted was Jon Huntsman’s campaign website,  This was done on November 4, the very day the video was uploaded to YouTube, and before the video had received any traffic from other sites. (Emphasis in original.)

Huntsman’s campaign immediately criticized the anonymous video and demanded that Ron Paul disavow it, which he did. “The ad is offensive and the Paul campaign and their supporters should condemn it,” Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller told The Salt Lake Tribune.

On Thursday, the Paul haters seized the video as evidence of the supposed vileness of Ron Paul’s supporters. Leon H. Wolf, a Red State blogger, steered the controversy back into the false right-left paradigm used to keep political discussion within parameters acceptable to the ruling elite.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

“Providing us with yet more evidence that they are mostly liberal Democrats who are mad that Obama has governed too far to the right, Ron Paul supporters decided this was a good reason to produce a video putting Huntsman in a Mao hat and jacket, complete with what is I guess supposed to be a Chinese version of blackface,” Wolf writes.

The Washington Post – known as the crown jewel of Operation Mockingbird – also trawled the crazy Ron Paul supporter line in an effort to discredit Paul.

“One of the best arguments against Ron Paul? The people who support him.,” writes Alexandra Petri. She immediately connects the long ago debunked racist newsletters critics have doggedly attempted to attribute to Paul.

On the internet, she continues, “it is intensely easy to make an egregiously bad ad and get a great deal of attention very quickly, and no one need know who you are.” Of course, she fails to mention that it was Huntsman’s campaign and anti-Paul bloggers who drew attention to the suspicious video.

“Our experience with Ron Paul supporters makes it possible for us to believe that this is the work of a Ron Paul supporter. And when you’re the candidate of such fans, it’s a bad sign,” Petri writes.

The LA Times also insinuated that Ron Paul’s supporters had something to do with the video, as did the San Francisco Chronicle.

Both Fox News and CNN felt compelled to run the “ad” on national television. It also provided Huntsman’s family the opportunity to go on television and promote the candidate who has trailed in the polls for weeks.

“Meanwhile, this story has generated more positive press for Huntsman than money could buy.  Endearing images of him with his adopted daughters are all over the media, along with quotes of him explaining how he heroically saved them from a bleak fate,” notes The End Run.

Despite the actual responsibly for the video, the controversy is strategically placed as the race heads into the New Hampshire primary. Arrayed anti-Paul forces are determined to take him down during the primary so Romney can sail into the South Carolina and Florida primaries without having to worry about Ron Paul and his talk about constitutionally limited government and ending the wars enthusiastically supported by the other candidates.

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149 Responses to “Is Negative Huntsman Video Attributed to Paul Supporters a False Flag?”

  1. When you register to vote read what you are registering. Regis means to give to the king,look it up in blacks law dict. Anytime you register anything you give it to what you are registering to. Register your car,they take it if they want to. Register your child(birth cert) they can take that too. The 15th amendment gives US INC. Authority to act as a government if they have the CONSENT of the governed by majority registered. Registering makes you a ward of the State(the State is DC). Watch Season of Treason on youtube and visit his site. You wont believe how we have been fooled all this time since 1860.

    • If we unregistered to vote and hold our OWN elections we could take back the REPUBLIC for the people not US INC.

  2. So ah we are just picking videos off of youtube now? This is extremely pathetic. There were plenty of people who predicted this kind of thing too happen on comment boards all over the place in regards too Huntsman. When I first saw this I was like why Jon Huntsman? So maybe Alex should start finding videos demagoguing Ron Paul for baseless accusations but then again where would he find the time? I would not advise it as there are much more important things too do. Its pretty apparent mainstream medias reeling and are doing everything they can too create a voting vacuum away from Ron Paul. Also they need too make it possible for their cheating to look feasible. The people of New Hampshire need too be aggressive and take charge of their system. Overwhelm them!

  3. “Is Negative Huntsman Video Attributed to Paul Supporters a False Flag?”

    No, it’s just another mainlie media conspiracy theory about Ron Paul.

  4. How would Ron Paul Supporters get these videos ? I checked in On Huntsman .. I looked through hours upon hours of videos never once saw any of these videos that were strung together in this video. Wouldn’t these videos be in a private archive ?? And if that’s the case … How did they get out ?? Just because I filmed something 20 years ago on a VHS tape doesn’t mean it’s out there in public. right ??? Did I miss something here ?

    • Maybe. Maybe Google vans drove by all our houses with some new hardware which can download all your VHS tapes “wireless-ly” and then drive away with the goods!

  5. The Guy is a pig and a Red chinese MONKEY so whats new? all of this government and its monkeys love the evil of china so whats new for 40 years the monkeys in our government have been kissing butt. The vid points this out so if old mitt or Mexico city Santorum are behind it so what all or Rats and need one thing a tree and a rope; and we all know that will never happen we the people will be at the end of a rope soon.

  6. HERE IS THE PROOF (since many are STILL asking for some)


  7. Huntsman’s Daughter is already declaring that Ron Paul supporter are the one responsiblr for the video, but a FOX just said “FOX has been unable to track down or determine who is responsible for video.” But that Huntsman BIMBO just keeps blaming Ron Paul supporters-without proof, WHY. Ron Paul already said it was not from him and it’s in bad taste. Huntsman is the ULTIMATE INSIDER, HE WORKS FOR BOTH Repubs and now for Obama. ?Is Huntsman a Repub or a Democrat or China Commy?

    • Its the Red chinese who are behind this butt vid.

  8. The internet video attacking Huntsman’s family was blamed on RON PAUL but it’s a DIRTY TRICK by HUNTSMAN himself. The analysis conducted by concludes that the video was posted by Huntsman supporters, NOT Ron Paul supporters. It was intended to provoke a backlash against Paul’s campaign. HUNTSMAN a Globalist Elite is as DIRTY as they come. RON PAUL WOULD NOT ATTACK ANY FAMILY- THAT’S A GLOBALIST METHOD.

  9. Lets see: HUNTSMAN was a Gov for MORMONS secret church, DIPLOMAT for Reagan, DIPLOMAT for GH Bush,DIPLOMAT for GW Bush, and last he was a Fluent Commy Chinese speaking DIPLOMAT for OBAMA- ?NOW IS HUNTSMAN A DEMOCRAT or REPUBLICAN? Or He’s just our MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE?

    • Alls fair in love and (oddly) in war-communism.

      I actually think its good to see a candidate who has both a knowledge of and personal interest in our biggest foreign neighbor, biggest trading partner, the largest nation on earth and modestly reformed and still-reforming former enemy.

      Anyone foolish enogh to think that race baiting is going to score anybody any points is a fool. This queer ad helps Huntsman and hurts Ron Paul.

  10. funny how they never talk about the attack ads against Ron Paul that people put out under there favorite candidate’s name. and it’s even funnier when there attack ads don’t work so they have to make ads up attacking other candidate in Ron Paul’s name. psyop to the fullest.

  11. Of course, the neoconned, Zionist media won’t see through this ruse despite their transparency, but use it to their advantage.

    The news is managed as it was to get a domestic enemy like Barry Soetoro/Obama into office.

  12. The Media really did not want to ask Ron Paul more questions about the Constitution. Other candidates tried to say they are constitutionalist right after Ron Paul did on last nights debate.

    The Media must have been threatened or paid big bucks! They sure did not want Ron Paul to mention the NDAA Bill! Ron Paul would have held the floor while the other candidates and the presstitutes looked like complete idiots! That bill should have been the most important issue of last nights debate. In a round-about way Ron Paul did touch upon how Congress was overridden by the President.

    Just watched the NH debate on ABC………..shit can the media! They made sure they did not ask Ron Paul several questions that they ask all the other candidates. That is because once Paul told it like it is. He was basically asked very few more questions! Diane Sawyer and George and the other coward ………. When Ron Paul mentioned the Constitution; All Rep. candidates damn well knew what OBama did to us when he signed the NDAA Bill !!!!!!!! They sure did not address that question to any of the candidates! MSM must be getting paid big bucks to keep that piece of legislation from being discussed by any Pres. candidate! Thanks Obama ……….if your arm was twisted to be king dictator, you need to step up and say so! Ron Paul sure called you a king as he addressed the fact that Congress has been overridden several times by you Bumber to the American peoples! We all knew that because Ron Paul’s pockets are not lined with the money of lobbyists…………..and his campaign is funded by the people, for the people, of the people that he would get black balled just like a good many of us know you are trying to start WWIII so you can declare martial law on all Americans and stay President and cancel the elections because it will be wartime! We know that you plan to do that Obama!

    I am not fooled. As for the paid presstitutes; the pathetic questions they asked candidates, we might have well have had 3 yr. olds asking the debate questions.

    Who paid for those tactics MR. President??????????????????? We know the polls were rigged. We know tonights NH debate was rigged. Not once was the question asked what about the poor, jobless, homeless Americans tonight!

    Political warmongering money worshippers lead the debate and political warmongering money worshipping candidates were asked more important questions than good Ron Paul.

    This was so very transparent and rigged. Of course we Ron Paul supporters expected those tactics from all the warmongering money worshippers who could give a rats ass about our US soldiers dying in senseless wars, or homeless families living in tents in America!

  13. OMG! The Denver Conspiracy Examiner reported on the exact same story!

  14. stop it at 4:11
    the bi*** doesn’t even finish the statement..
    watch she skips over it.

    oh yeah its FOX NEWS!

  15. honestly…who needs to “false flag” attack a candidate that already lost the state he polled the highest in? come on…get a grip

  16. That was just about the stupidest video I have ever seen. I believe some one made this Video to smear Ron Paul!

  17. I love how they blame Ron Paul supporters! Like we all are responsible for this garbage.

  18. If Ron Paul wins the nomination I will actually vote this year, wich is something I swore I would never do. The war pigs and corpratists know I’m not the only unexpected voter who will turn out for Ron (along with the expected ones I might add), and that’s why these facists have to rig the elections… Hence, I’m not worried about going back on my promise… And even if the facists ALLOW him to win the primaries it will just signal 4 more years of OBAMANATION thanks to a rigged system where votes don’t count only because they are insignificant, but because they don’t actually count them!

    • save your gas…he won’t…all elections are rigged…all positions are appointed

  19. has anyone heard from the x37B lately?? whats it called ovt or something?? that sucka been up a long time i never caught when and if it landed i heard it was to be landing in january, i just cant Let It Be that the dang thang is dropping a bunch of Brilliant Pebbles thats star wars lingo baby MKV multi kill vehicles they are basically small football sized satellite killers in space that can be “arrayed” and montitored and managed and maintained by the x37b’s especially a “c” model with the 7 passenger accommodation,
    and so now we know the Truth Infowarriors, we are now under a dome of domestic tranquility,
    and it takes the shape of a thousand football shaped death ray capable mthel type small compact
    satellite warriors all uav rc plutonium battery, some large with EMP style missile capabilities
    guarded by the small warriors space is now the Eagle is in orbit Houston “Eagle is flying”
    we are ah humm part of the new frontier, long live the human being with his inspirational wisdom
    and undying spirit!!!!!! now fully a member.
    thanks be to god
    Anu is great

    • where do you get your x37b is classified,put some links with your back up what you say!

  20. Ladies Gentleman ! The candidates to choose from seeking the votes. And the choices are….Ron Paul,Oath Keepers,Veterans and Active Duty for Peace,Law Enforcement Against Prohibition,Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access and related sane recognized people or….. you can be tyrants along with the usual tyrants who are supposed to be in prison instead of in power still abusing others ! Voters and the voting system which installed the tyrants and tyranny into power is declared and deemed cruel,failed fraud ! We demand and order a complete immediate freeing and full pardons for all political prisoners the tyrants have ensnared now !!! ! ! ! !!!

    • it seems i saw you post this exact same message on the last article i was reading…dont be a copy / paste spam robot please…take a side…speak your mind…but dont just regurgitate

      • If you don’t like what i post. don’t read it. I will not waste my time trying to reason with the unreasonable.

  21. Jesse Ventura’s Humanistic Comments on Religion

    By harshly attacking Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura for his widely publicized criticisms of religion, some politicians and members of the media applied a double standard and treated him unfairly.

    Ventura said, “Organized religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people who need strength in numbers.” Many famous people have been equally critical of religion, but politicians and the media idolize them.

    Albert Einstein was named Time magazine’s Person of the Twentieth Century. He said: “I cannot imagine a God who rewards and punishes the objects of his creation. . . . Neither can I believe that the individual survives the death of his body, although feeble souls harbor such thoughts through fear or ridiculous egotism.”

    Charles Darwin is widely considered one of the greatest persons of the nineteenth century. He stated: “I can hardly see how anyone ought to wish Christianity to be true; for if so the plain language of the text seems to show that the men who do not believe, and this would include my father, brother and almost all my best friends, will be everlastingly punished. And this is a damnable doctrine.”

    Sigmund Freud maintained, “Religion is comparable to a childhood neurosis.” He also said, “Neither in my private life, nor in my writings, have I ever made a secret of being an out-and-out unbeliever.” As for preventing and treating the psychological harms of religion, Dr. Freud’s prescription was clear: “When a man is freed of religion, he has a better chance to live a normal and wholesome life.”

    Thomas Edison asserted: “So far as the religion of the day is concerned, it is a damned fake. . . . Religion is all bunk. . . . All bibles are man-made.” H. L. Mencken commented, “I believe that religion, generally speaking, has been a curse to mankind.”

  22. As far as the ad goes how do you say “does the shoe fit?” in Mandarin?

    • McCain sponsored the NDAA in the Senate and now he endorses Huntsman. Talk about scuttling your own campaign. They must be getting desperate to put their daughter Abigail out there to lie like that for them. She obviously has ascertained that the vid came from Ron Paul supporters. It’s an election year. What can you expect? Ron Paul should just kick ass and take names. He has proven to be a gentleman long enough. OFFENSE!

  23. BEGIN ALL FORMS AND METHODS OF COMMUNICATIONS FLOODING NOW TO SPREAD THE BOYCOTT AND UNRECOGNIZING OF THE TYRANTS ! Local to worldwide communications flood boycotting tyrants and tyranny ! The usual group of tyrants to choose from who belong in prison . Getting away with crimes that put most away for life or death. Still aided and abetted by the tyrants puppet fake news locally to worldwide. Those tyrannical emperor’s clearly wear no clothes ! Everyone is smart enough as a majority to know that the tyrants rule is cruel fraud. So make it clear wherever you go there is an unignorable boycott on tyrants and tyranny. Tyrants and tyranny locally to worldwide are deemed and declared to be a criminal/terrorist racket hijacking the people,government,land,and corporations. We hereby unrecognize and reject all tyrants locally to worldwide,past and present as legit nor welcome to remain accessing victims !!! ! ! ! !!!

  24. Think about it, in a race between Romney and Obama the result will most likely be a 50%-50% split, or too close to call. Plus, Obama would win by a huge majority against all the other Republican candidates except Ron Paul.

    But, If Paul was the nominee he not only would get the entire Republican vote, but he would attract a huge number of Independent and Democrat voters, especially the younger voters and win by a landslide. The only thing I can think of is the Republican establishment doesn’t want him to win because he’s against lobbyists and war and would follow the Constitution. If he wins, there will be no ill-gotten money for them.

    • I see someone is wearing their RP rose-glasses

  25. Yo. But none of you poljocks can prove this can you?

  26. We may not know who is behind making that video but we sure as hell know who is openingly spreading lies about Ron Paul- FOX NEWS!!!! Dick Morris, Bill O’Riely, Shawn Hannity, and just about everyone else on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC, shame on you all.

  27. Having a listen to Ron Paul debate get together. We listen to Dr. Paul every time he speaks and mute the tyrants every time they open their lying mouths. We have compared the tyrants records with Dr. Paul’s and found that Dr. Paul is the only candidate worthy to serve the people while everyone is in extreme disbelief that the tyrants aren’t being arrested and permanently removed from accessing victims let alone pose as government leaders!

  28. SO we judge candidates by there supporters now? Good thing for Obama he didnt get judged by the quality of his supporters. And so what if that video was done by a Ron Paul supporter as long as R.P. did not approve it and for that matter that video is not as nearly as damaging to John Huntsman as the lies being spread about Ron Paul by the MSM especially Fox News.

  29. Doing a Background Check on CNN
    Since CNN broadcasters seem so intent on looking back decades into promo letters and newletters put out by one of Ron Paul’s organizations,when everyone admits Ron Paul did not write the letters, lets take a look at the background of some of those affiliated with CNN. It’s as elitist as you can get, with strong ties to the CIA recruiting ground, Yale University.

    CNN is owned by Times Warner,  CEO Jeffery L. Bewkes is a director of the Council on Foreign Relations and also serves on the board of Yale University.

    Also affiliated with Yale and CNN are Anderson Cooper and David Gergen.

    Anderson Cooper spent time interning, during his summer breaks in his sophomore and junior years at Yale, at the CIA.

    Cooper is the son of Gloria Vanderbilt and the great-great-great-grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt. It was J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller and Vanderbilt who developed Jekyll Island, where the Wall Street elite developed the plan to launch the Federal Reserve.

    Cooper is also a member of the Manuscript Society (aka The Wrexham Foundation). The Manuscript Society is a secret society at Yale University, like Skull Bones. The society holds an annual gathering in its tomb on Halloween.

    CNN senior political correspondent, David Gergen, is also a member of the Manuscript Society and was a presidential advisor who served during the administrations of Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Clinton.

    It is not clear when the Manuscript Society “tapped” blacks for membership, if ever. There are no publicly known black members of the society.

    As for the CNN reporter, Gloria Borger, who badgered Ron Paul, I have already reported on her background:
    Well, well, it turns out hit job specialist Gloria Borger is married to Lance Morgan. Morgan is according to the web site of his employer, Powell Tate,”chief communications strategist at Powell Tate in Washington, D.C. He specializes in developing and executing communications strategies for public policy debates, crisis communications and media training.”

    So who might be the clients of Powell Tate, where Borger’s husband is “chief communications strategist and crisis communications” adviser?

    Just about every part of the military industrial-complex that Ron Paul wants to shrink or shutdown. According to the Powell Tate web site, they provide strategic communications for among others:

    The U.S. Army

    The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

    The U.S Agency for International Development

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce

    and, I’m not joking, The National Pork Board.

    Bottom line Gloria Borger’s husband is as inside Washington DC as you can get.

    CNN is just the type of organization you would expect to go after Ron Paul, they are at the very core of elitist, establishment, hypocritical, Washington D.C.

    • It’s common knowledge in the spy world that Piers Morgan is an agent for MI6. He recruited Pippa Middleton to steal the British Crown. She is supposed to reveal all the dirty secrets to Kate Middleton on who’s really behind princess Diana’s death. It’s known as operation “Victoria’s Secret.”

    • The typical incestuous elitist crap, the problem is most people are too dense to do this knd of research for themselves, they have been so brainwashes to believe these kinds of facts when someone spells it out for them. The disconnection with reality is just too much for most to accept! I personally have done massive amounts of research, read countless documents taken directly from their sources ands have actually printed out the very round table minutes from the CFR and Carnegie Endowment ti show people and I get this lost stare back, a tell tale sign that this person just can not make the jump needed to see what’s right in front if their face! It can be disheartening at times! I have been looking into the banking establishment since my early 20′s nearly 20 years ago, it all started with Keith Anderson and his report for Global Prosperity, a tax dodging scheme that got many envolved in a trouble with the IRS. However the information that Norman Dodd had in his report was so revealing, it opened my mind and I began to read and study up on this stuff. It quickly became evident that with every document I read this was all going on in plain sight really, yet when you try to wake most from their congnatuve dissidence, they shut down. It is releaving to see so many beginning ti take interest and spread their findings amoungst others, together we stand!!!

  30. I’ll bet if fox covered the story they have something to do with it

  31. Yep…got false flag Party execution written all over it. People, look at Ron Paul, look at Ron Paul’s record, look at Ron Paul the Doctor, look and Ron Paul interviews……yes, this is a dirty political trick and its out of the Jon Huntsman campaign machine. Interesting delivery by the media talking heads pushing their propaganda.

    • look at his failed 08 need to do a “hit job” on him…he has a loyal but very small base

      • His support has grown. Hit pieces are essential now, since he has shown that ignoring him tossing him debate questions that are meaningless doesnt diminish his support. The problem they will have is that once someone supports Ron Paul, they never stop, because they are supporting the concepts of Liberty self reliance responsibility for ones self over this notion of living our lives always burdened by the failures of others.

  32. Why would anybody worship a god who throws (cast) unbelievers into hell to be tortured for all eternity because of a short life of sin? If that isn’t one sick fuking god then I don’t know what is? Even the millions of innocent people god murdered during biblical times don’t compare to the billions of people god cast into hell or, will cast into hell, for eternity. Just thinking about it myself makes me want to stomp gods face right into the ground. Motherfuking murderer and torturer! I would never worship such a piece of scum shit!

    How are the Christians supposed to enjoy heaven when their loved ones are in hell suffering every second you’re in heaven. Just think about it! Your family members being tortured while you walk streets of gold. Your mother, father, son, daughter, sister, brother, wife, husband, grandparents and grandkids, etc, etc all being tortured while you’re in heaven kissing god’s ass. Maybe in a thousand years, you might forget about your loved ones and all the others who are still being tortured as you praise your EVIL god for being so righteous and holy! Remember all the babies god killed as recorded in the bible. They will also be in hell screaming and crying in agony wondering what they did? After all, Christians on this comment board say that the babies deserved to be killed if god killed them. “God is just”, they say? (what republic is one of these sicko’s)

    And for the idiots who say, “God doesn’t cast you into hell, you put yourself there”, how fuking stupid can Christians get? Like I voluntarily walk over to the edge of hell and cast myself in? God is responsible for all the sin in the world, therefore god is also responsible for every person that ends up in hell. After all, he is the one who screwed everything up when he started this creation mess!
    I don’t have a doubt that all those in hell wish they were never created (BORN)! So much for free will!

    Here’s an animated video showing what some Christians believe will happen to atheist in hell. I bet the Christian creator of this hell video is so proud!

    Hell video

    Excellent websites disproving the existence of The Bible God/Jesus:
    ( WARNING: Christians don’t want you viewing these sites! )

    (I love the animated/cartoon videos of #4, 5, and 6, so funny)
    ( #4 Site created by a 40 year ex-Christian )

    • Dude What does that have to do with Ron Paul
      God Bless You OK

      • Ex Christian — you’ve got a warped groove.

  33. Its so simple mwho ever the corperate media is peddling that is who you dont want for president. Hardly any mention of Ron Paul? Not saying I carry water for Ron Paul,it just shows how fake this 3 ring circus is. Romney will be the fake electorial opposition to go against the Moloch worshiper Obama and Romney knows he is supposed to lose . Jesus Christ is President of the universe and all of creation,

  34. MORMONS for RON PAUL !!! I find it interesting when Jon Huntsman came out with a video attacking Ron Paul that the media didn’t care if that hurt Ron Paul’s campaign, etc. But now that there’s some video attacking Jon Huntsman the Media is going bonkers as to how this is harming Jon’s campaign – and it just illustrates how biased the Dinosaur Media is becoming. It is my hope that the general public WAKE UP to the fact that the “mainstream” dinosaur media is an enemy to our national soveriegnty. They are only a propaganda arm for the military industrial complex and will endorse generally any candidate supporting MORE WARS. RON PAUL is THE ONLY CHOICE for America to survive economically, militarily, socially, etc. YES, I’m LDS and voting by my conscience means voting for Ron Paul – not Mitt Romney or Jon Huntsman Jr. I look up to Dr. Paul more than anyone because of his firm belief in defending the Constitution of the United State of America.

    • Awesome gator – just had to say!

  35. Ron Paul supporters did not make this video. Most likely was made by NeoCon idiots who are trying to hurt Ron Paul.
    It is kind of weird that in the Video clip Fox News admits the video was made by an unknown group and yet they say Ron Paul like 20 times. Probably the only 20 times they said Ron Paul this day.
    They should come clean on this and just hold up a picture of a dead hog and shout Ron Paul 20 times with drug crazed eyes.
    Fox News hates Ron Paul. Don’t think I haven’t noticed their little mantra statements they say every hour on the hour over and over again about how much they hate Ron Paul. They are attempting to brain wash people.
    It is sick. I will never watch that channel again.

    • Paul don’t need ‘em anymore anyway.

  36. Who cares whether it’s a false flag? Let’s get to the facts.

    The truth is that people who go to Asia to adopt Asian babies while not adopting American blacks available at adoption agencies are racists!

    It’s that simple.

    Why travel thousands of miles to adopt foreigners when you can adopt a fellow American?

    • When Obomba was a little tot, I went to Kenya and adopted the little bastard……..soon as I arrived back in the states I flushed that little crack baby down the toilet……the next time I saw that mother fucker he was running for Dick-wad of the U.S.

    • Blacks are not “fellow Americans”.

      • wow that was a incredibly stupid thing to say.
        Americans and others kidnapped the africans from there homes and used them as slave labour.
        They could not return so made the most of a terrible situation.
        They are as American as any immagrant and should be treated as so
        Come on mate lets not hate the world

        • vblommerde mate, are you Aussie? I’m gonna take it you are not American none the less. First of all, let’s get some history straight. I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but we Americans (namely the south) didn’t just go over to Africa without a game plan. Those Africans were sold BY THEIR OWN PEOPLE on crimes and debts owed, we didn’t steal them. Brittan did something similar with their debtors and criminals, and from there was born the Caucasians of Australia. (See the film “THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY OF MARY BRYANT”) that’s great Australian history.

          I will agree with you regarding scenario81, “BLACKS ARE NOT FELLOW AMERICANS” a stupid statement like this pleases the NEW WORLD DISORDER playing against each other in their hands. With attitudes like this, they win.

          As for the Huntsman videos, we all know what’s going on there!

      • I feel that way myself often.

        However I was just posing as typical PC nitwits.

        • Yeah im a kiwi mate from New Zealand.
          Sorry must look into the facts more.
          Just get so angry when i hear comments like that.
          Have a great day cuttheheadoffthesnake
          Gotta love that name

        • You have a great day too vblommerde, you’re good people and thank you!

    • Never thought of it that way. It makes perfect sense.

  37. NH4mittromney also has the same video for Mitt Romney and there is a Santorum version of it too. Funny how the media jumps straight on Paul but ignores Mitt Romney and Santorum for pushing the exact same video!

    • give a link to the videos. thanks!

    • Exactly! It appears that ‘someone’ posted these, but it sure as heck wasn’t anything Ron Paul should have been asked about!

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