Is Owen Benjamin Setting Up Another Ruby Ridge?

As I’ve been looking more into Owen Benjamin, I came across this video.

If you’re not familiar with Bear cult leader Owen Benjamin, basically he swindled his followers out of thousands of dollars, promising them a share in a plot of land called Beartaria. It’s a campground time share, where if you pay $400 you can get 2 weeks in a tent about an hour from where Benjamin’s big house with running water, electricity, and luxury cars will be. It is no accident that he has chosen to build this “compound” so close to where the siege at Ruby Ridge happened. This is just another cult similar to Jonestown, Heaven’s Gate or The Branch Davidians. Now Owen has even started making his wife wear head scarves and is apparently going to have his family join the Mennonites.

At 6 minutes and thirty seconds in, he states:

And then maybe at the very end we all die because I just get everyone to look at the stars.

Owen even has his own team of hasbara, which he calls the Squirt Guard and The Gravy Seals. These cult members defend Owen’s honor on social media every day. Owen behaves in a very abusive manor to his followers. If they say one thing he doesn’t like, he puts them in “time outs” or bans them from the Beartaria app that they are paying a subscription for.

Here Owen defends child marriage.

To me this seems like the perfect recipe for another contrived tragedy.

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